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  1. Stonerfuck

    Miss EmuLMAO?

    Check out then you freak <P ID="signature"></P>
  2. Stonerfuck

    Gotta DS yay!

    Haha, Walmart foolishly approved me for a store credit card with a limit of 200 bucks. I immediate bought a DS Mario Kart Bundle and a carton of delicious menthol cigarettes. I am happy
  3. Stonerfuck

    Fuck Cox Cable

    I woke up this morning expecting to enjoy my regular morning ritual of looking at porn. Well, I start up firefox... And I realize I have no network connection. I thought this strange, tried a few troubleshooting ideas and finally called Cox to ask why the fuck my internet wasn't working...
  4. Stonerfuck

    Seeking Grow Lights

    Seeking 400 watt sodium lamp and other horticulture gear. <P ID="signature"></P>
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