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    SMSPlus S60 (Nokia6680)

    Is there a working version of SMSPlus for the nokia6680? i tried the fixed version for nokia 6630 and it doesnt work, it runs, but just get to images in the top half of the screen <P ID="signature">------------------------- |HELLO WORLD| -------------------------</P>
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    PSP or NDS?

    i was thinking of buying a PSP, but i have been told that the know dead pixel problem is causing a lot of bad feedback, PSP hardware is more powerfull then NDS, but wich one is really worth buying? thank you for the tips in advance <P ID="signature">------------------------- |HELLO WORLD|...
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    Greetings all

    Hello all i just dropped a line here to say hello to all, since i am new to the forum:) <P ID="signature">------------------------- |HELLO WORLD| ------------------------- Extra Paypal $$ here =></P>
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