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    FF4 Advance European Font Enhancement

    The European version of Final Fantasy IV Advance offers a few benefits over the US release including smoother, more stable battles and a number of bug fixes. This patch makes the tiny font, which looks fine on a GBA, a little wider to make it readable on my Game Boy Player. Please note that...
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    ... <P ID="signature"><center></a> </center></P>
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    Final Fantasy IV Advance European Stripper Restoration Patch

    I ported my stripper restoration hack to the European version: <img src= /> <img src= /> Readme Download <P ID="signature"><center>...
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    Tales of Phantasia European Font Enhancement

    The European release is slightly better than the US release, clearer voice acting, cleaned up menus, and some other stuff, but the font in the menu was terrible. This replaces the menu font and makes the dialog font much better. Comparison screenshots: <img...
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    Got my DS Lite

    Words cannot express what an improvement it is over the original DS, you simply must get one, it's well worth the $200 they're going for now. <P ID="signature"><center></a> </center></P>
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    Tales of Phantasia GBA Font Enhancement

    Not sure if anyone actually cares about this, but it kept me busy for an hour: Here</a> Also, Kajitani-Eizan's text enhancement patch:</a> <P...
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    Lightweight color reduction program

    Does anyone know of a program that can take an image that has less than 256 colors yet is saved in some absurbly large format and convert it to a 256 color bitmap/png? My favorite image editor (Or should I say my only image editor, I only using it for spriting) only supports up to 256 colors...
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    This is one of the better freeware platform games out there, check it out: <P ID="signature"><center></a> </center></P>
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    Taiwan breeds green-glowing pigs</a> <img src=smilies/eek13.gif> <P ID="signature">--- -Dragonsbrethren</P>
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    Sonic 1 & 2 for Sega CD homebrew

    Stealth is a god:</a> <blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr> Sonic for MegaCD Proof-Of-Concept Build The ISO packaged herein is for US Region SegaCD. There is also a Europe...
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    Final Fantasy IV Font Enhancement Patch

    Or should that be enlargement? Anywho, this patch replaces that god-awful small font with the one from Dawn of Souls. There are some minor text spillover issues that will be fixed in the next version (Nothing that'll stop you from playing, but they are a little annoying). Here are some...
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    Happy birthday, Chill Penguin!

    Haven't talked to you in ages, but have a happy birthday <img src=smilies/thumb.gif> <P ID="signature"></P>
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    Final Fantasy IV Advance Stripper Restoration Patch

    From the readme: For whatever reason Nintendo felt the stripper was a little too much for the E10 rating and censored it out of the US release. Not only that, all dancers were forced to wear dresses. However, all they did was move the dancer's graphics to another part of the ROM and edit them...
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    Movie reviews based on ridiculousness of concepts...

    Any sites exist that give movie reviews based on the ridiculousness of the concepts used? I was considering doing a few for fun, but I'd rather read them than write them (I'm bad at writing anything, but reviews seem to be the worst) And yes, "ridiculousness" is a ridiculuous word, I know. <P...
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    Castlevania Font...

    Does anyone happen to know of a good font that can match the font used for the logo in the original Castlevania games? I've yet to find anything that looks good along side the logo, or one that I can recreate the logo with and still have it look good. Obviously I'm not worried about the "C" as I...
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    Final Fantasy Bugfixes

    Well, it's attached to IndeX's thread in Talk of the Town, but since the thread originally had nothing to do with FF1 I doubt many people will see it. RTFM for additional features.</a>
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    Has anyone here ever beat Castlevania Retold?

    Time to let the cat out of a bag (Okay, maybe only halfway out), I'm planning on releasing an updated Castlevania Retold with my new NES hack. I need to know if any "normal" person has managed to beat it, I know I have, redrum, Morgoth, and probably a few other people that got betas, but I don't...
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    My hack in Wikipedia

    Heh, take a look at the comparison screenshot near the middle:</a> That's actually a screenshot from my translation enhancement, a very early version at that.
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    Zyrthofar's FF2us ROM Editor

    Just stumbled upon this last night, it's pretty good:</a>
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    Cat died

    *copy & paste* On of my cats died today, she seemed sick yesterday morning, she was hiding and making wheezing noises, but we didn't think too much about it (No vets are open on Sunday anyway... what if there is an emergency?) until around 10 PM when she started choking and we noticed she had a...
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