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  1. ToastyCheesy

    Dolphin Un-official SVN Build 3972

    Good news. The Gamecube and Wii emulator, Dolphin, has received an Un-official SVN update which the Dolphin team promises to be "by far the best and most stable bin release [They] have done so far". Changes in this build includes: 1: Wii menu boots again 2: Change disk works again 3...
  2. ToastyCheesy

    My Nes Alpha v0.2.1.1

    The second alpha release of the NES emulator, My nes, has been released. My Nes is an Open Source Nes emulator written in C#. This emulator is still fairly new, and still needs a bit of work. Changes in this release include: PPU improved, more games are playable. Supports for rar,zip and 7z...
  3. ToastyCheesy

    Advanced file organization

    I have a folder on my hard drive, that contains about 45,000 files, halfway organized into about 5,000 different folders. Of these files, I only need about 30,000 of them (these are music files) The rest are album art, useless crap windows puts in folders, etc. Also, of the 5,000 folders, Im...
  4. ToastyCheesy

    Font bug?

    I'm not too sure what's going on here, but I noticed some strange font bugs, circled below This isn't the first time I've noticed it either. I'm just not sure if I'm the only one, or if other people notice it too.
  5. ToastyCheesy

    MiiSX 0.3

    The MSX emulator for the Wii, MiiSX has received another update. Here's the recent additions: emulation speed up no more problems with PSG emulation, now it´s correct... as far as fMSX emulation goes ;) SCC emulation "X" on Classic Controller to emulate joy button 1+2 Download it...
  6. ToastyCheesy

    gpSP UO kai for 5.50GEN

    A new version of the unofficial branch of gpSP, the Gameboy Advance emulator for PSP, has been released. This release adds no new changes, other than compatibility with Custom Firmware 5.50GEN. This release ONLY works on PSP-1000 models, compatibility with other models is being worked on. gpSP...
  7. ToastyCheesy

    bsnes v0.048 released!

    AN update to byuu's SNES emulator, bsnes, has been released! New in this release is the addition of Save State Support, a much requested feature. Here is the complete changelog: - Added save state support - Added SPC7110 and OBC1 save state support - Added new tools group, with new cheat code...
  8. ToastyCheesy

    lxdream v0.9.1

    A new version of lxdream, the Dreamcast emulator for Mac OS X and Linux has been released! This is the first time this emulator has been added to our archives. More information can be found at the author's webpage, Lxdream can also be obtained here, as well as in our archives here. via...
  9. ToastyCheesy

    MiiSX v0.2 added

    MiiSX, the MSX emulator for Nintendo Wii, has been added to the archives. This is the initial release of the emulator, and the first MSX emulator available on Nintendo Wii in our archives. No changelog is provided, but the author does provide what he is planning to be done with the emulator...
  10. ToastyCheesy

    uBee512 v4.1.0

    A new version of uBee512, a Microbee emulator, has been released. A changelog was included in the Binary Package. here is what's new for this release: New: Added models 'scf' and 'pcf' (Standard/Premium Compact Flash CB) Added more DRAM banks to bring up to 2MB when using xCF model. Added...
  11. ToastyCheesy

    Starcraft lessons from an AUTHENTIC Korean

    Found this to be a bit... well, I'm not sure how I should describe it, but apparently, someone wants to sell his knowledge on Starcraft, to you. Check out the posting here I especially Laughed at
  12. ToastyCheesy

    VBA-M Svn887

    A new build of VBA-M has been released, however this build is only currently available for Linux. The developer has stated that he will release a windows build soon. Changes to this build include: autoframeskipping wasn't saving to cfg, that is now fixed saving the autoskip option still not...
  13. ToastyCheesy

    FCEUltra Win32 Mappers Modified 16.05.2009

    A new build of the NES emulator FCEUltra is available. This is a branch of the latest FCEUltra source code snapshot, and it aims at improving it and then integrating the changes to the FCEUX branch. Here are the changes: UNIF UNL-KS7017 - new UNIF board for dump "Almana no Kiseki (Unl) (FDS...
  14. ToastyCheesy

    PCSX2 Official Beta 1190

    A new official beta build of the Playstation 2 emulator PCSX2 has been released. Here is what has been changed since the last release: Removed VU-Skip [helps simplify the frameskipper logic] -- Use the VU Cycle Stealer hack instead for better, faster, more stable speedups of the VU1 unit...
  15. ToastyCheesy

    Signs - A Short Film

    Signs - A Short Film I have to say. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this. My girlfriend freaked because we know someone named Patrick Hughes, however, he and the Director of this short are not the same.
  16. ToastyCheesy

    Video card driver issues

    I have just gotten an Asus AH3450 Radeon (re-branded on Ati HD Radeon 3450) But I am having trouble installing the driver software for it. The disc that came with it hasn't worked, I also tried the official Ati drivers, and the latest drivers on the Asus website. Windows XP was just giving me a...
  17. ToastyCheesy

    Sound request

    If anyone is familiar with rock band, there are little instrument sounds that play at the beginning of each song... it's just a short sound that plays to introduce the band member... Well, I was actually looking for ripped copy's of those sounds. I'd do it myself, but the only copy I was able...
  18. ToastyCheesy

    Some help with Video editing

    I don't know how many people here have any experience with Video editing, but I have a few questions, so it's worth a shot. For one, I was wondering if there was a windows alternative to the Apple-only product "Livetype" what this does is it makes animated titles for videos... with ease. I was...
  19. ToastyCheesy

    Doritos Commercials (series)

    what the hell is with this mexican Dorito commercial campaign? Has anyone seen these?
  20. ToastyCheesy

    Capturing sound from multiple sources

    I don't know what this is called, nor is it possible, so I wasn't having a very good time searching on google. In an upcoming event I am working on, I want to be able to capture sound from three microphones all on one computer, all three of these microphones are usb, so I would figure it would...
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