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    Gideon Appreciation Thread!

    Post your top reason why you appreciate Gideon Zhi, aside from the fact that he kicks complete ass. My number one reason: Cave Story. <P ID="signature"><img src=></P>
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    <img src=> Enormous LOL!! <P ID="signature"><img src=></P>
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    Been a while....

    Desktop Thread!!! Post yours, I figure this should be a breath of fresh air. <img src=> < eternal darkness reference>I'm casting a spell to regain sanity after the Unspoken Rules thread. < /eternal darkness reference> <P...
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    Fastest question in the world.

    What is /b/? Please, enlighten me. I got the 9000!!!! thing I posted in the other thread from a link on VGcats. <P ID="signature"><img src=></P><P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by soniczip on 10/24/06 06:12 PM.</FONT></P>
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    The Unspoken Rules of ZMD.

    1. If you make UncleOral No one insults Gideon Zhi. Ever. You will go to the worst circle of hell, and be tortured for eternity. 3. <a href=> Anyone making a thread to insult anyone with...
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    Favorite Thread: Video Game Characters

    Put your favorites, put 1 star to show favoritism between favorites. Put the name of the game or series they're in. Here's mine: Cervantes (Soul Calibur) * Master Chief (Halo) * Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog) * Krystal (Star Fox) * Lucas Kane (Indigo Prophecy) * Leon S. Kennedy (Resident Evil) *...
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    Ever have a dream you want to make into a story?

    I just had one, and I'm going to post it later. But it kicked ass. <P ID="signature"><img src=></P>
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    Xbox Problem

    You know this thing: <img src=> Well, the headset I bought doesn't come with it. Is there a possible way to buy it independently, or do I have to buy the Xbox Live Starter Set? Edit: It's the thing that plugs into the...
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    True Irony is......

    using GraphicConverter to make this image: <P ID="signature"><img src=></P>
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    Being under 21, I can't make a drunk post, so.....

    Man, am I screwed up! I've just been playing a whole bunch of <a href=>"Game of Disorientation"</a> and my eyes hurt. I just want to plop in bed and forget that I had a football game earlier tonight. <P ID="signature">We port Kid Cuisine to the...
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    How's this for a picture?

    <img src=> Thoughts? <P ID="signature">We port Kid Cuisine to the Playstation 2. <img src=></P>
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    Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem kicks ass!

    I recently got my hands on this game, and I'm stunned. The quality is just unsurpassed. My favorite character is Pious Augustus, because his voice actor does an excellent job. It's creepy, but has a great storyline. Any thoughts? P.S. Before you say "Where have you been? In a hole?", I...
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    Si gnat uranium! *nt*

    n00b tards edit: shortened <P ID="signature">We port Kid Cuisine to the Playstation 2. <img src=></P><P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by soniczip on 08/02/06 10:18 PM.</FONT></P>
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    E3 Dead? This is truly sad. Now how will the ESA keep Jack Thompson at bay? E3 is something I just discovered this year. Now I never get to see or hear from it again.<img src=smilies/cry.gif> <P ID="signature">We port Kid...
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    Avatar Change?

    Tell me what you think. Edit Note: Yeah.... never mind. Edit 2: Let's try this again...... <P ID="signature">We port Kid Cuisine to the Playstation 2. <img src=><img src=></P><P...
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    Unban moogle.

    I sense flames coming, but please unban moogle. This place hasn't been as interesting without him. I'll agree, he does take things a little too far, but I think this would be for the best. Eight months is long enough. <P ID="signature">We port Kid Cuisine to the Playstation 2. <img...
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    <font size=+5 face= "Script MT Bold, TypoUpright BT, Script">Happy Birthday!</font> <marquee direction=left scrollamount=8></marquee> <P ID="signature">We port Kid Cuisine to the Playstation 2. <img src=><img...
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    Happy Birthday MegaManJuno!!

    Cue the conga rats. <P ID="signature">We port Kid Cuisine to the Playstation 2. <img src=><img src=></P>
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    Xin is finally finished!!

    <a href=>Xin is finished!</a> This was an awesome series, with a good storyline. Check it out. P.S. I've lost faith in humanity.
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    Reviews of Bad Games!

    The rules of this are.... Post a review for a really bad game, and see if you can make people laugh. <a href=>Arthur's Quest is either an action game with an exceedingly poor design, or a fast-paced, arcade-style...
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