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    Nightcrawlers built a wall, and he'll make you pay for it!

    Seems some of the RHDN forums are under a paywall now. Get what you need before the site goes under.
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    clinton kong

    trying to find an old romhack called clinton kong. it replaced donkey kong with bill clinton. i can't seem to find the rom or patch anywhere and was wonderig if there might be any help here.
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    nes emulator questions

    looking for an nes emulator with features similar to nesticle, especially in the tile viewer. (where it gives you the hex address for the tile youve highlighted) hope this is the right forum....
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    arcade board repair question

    hopefully someone here will know..... I'm working on a cadash jamma pcb board... everything displays fine except for the sprite layer, all the graphic tiles are just blocks of a single color.... any clues? <P ID="signature">bow to wilford brimley!</P>
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    reccomend a good controller for pc

    need a good reccomendation for a pc controller, that will work with most major emulators and ideally NOT have analog sticks as most contorllers i've seen recently use the analog as default. i just killed my second nyko airflow (the left analog stick died on one, and the fan motor melted in the...
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    finished! anpanman englishv.99

    its finally done. Soreike anpanman minna de hikingu game in english! get it off this site or from this post <P ID="signature">bow to wilford brimley!</P>
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    Hex editing/tablemaking

    ok so i've got a table made for anpanman the text appears in the rom as letter/blank/letter/blank how do i make the table so as to include the blank (2 hex adresses=1 letter) or for the japanese sometimes 4 hex adresses =1 word (ie KI_little yo thinghy_ = kyo) is there even an editor that can do...
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    anpanman table problem

    tired of fighting with this.... i need a table for soreike! anpanman minna de hikingu gemu! for the nes. i cant find the tiles to make a table with nesticle and relative searches are offering no help either. When i open the rom in virtuanes and view the pattern tables the main graphics are shown...
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    psi hacking tools/docs

    not having too much luck with trying ot figure out how to hack\translate ps1 games, need to know if theres any docs that are a bit more usefel then the ones on <P ID="signature">bow to wilford brimley!</P>
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    ps1 image dumping utils

    need to know if theres any easier tools for making a copy of a ps1 game onto my hard drive then psx2hd, whice i seem to have no luck with. <P ID="signature">bow to wilford brimley!</P>
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