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    Time flies... and space beetles

    I just saw this shit. A guy who supposedly has been taking daily pictures for 6 years. I'm not really certain I buy that shit, do you? This seems more believable, but still. In any case, if both were true, there never was a full day they were out of they houses. They suck. Moreso than I do. <P...
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    Final Fantasy IX model viewer/exporter?

    Hello there, I'm interested in ripping the ingame models (in particular, most monsters, I really don't give a shit about the human characters ) for my own personal (non-commercial!) purposes (in short, a random warcraft 3 project), but I really don't know how I would get around doing that. The...
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    Run Akane!

    Yappapa yappappa <P ID="signature">_- | -_ </P>
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    Reading and writing structures in C

    So yeah, i'm writing an app on C that (before exiting) basically writes one big structure (with nested structures) onto a file. However, I can't seem to read it back succesfully (e.g.: struct.substruct.integer had a value of 15, the file was written, and then when read the file...
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    Mario and Luigi GSF ?

    Is anybody interested in ripping this gsf for me (and everyone who loved the musical score of such game)? If I had the knowledge and skills to do it, I certainly will, but I know shit at this point. I'm interested on it, but just not right now. <P ID="signature">_- | -_ </P>
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