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    MOTHER 3 Fan Translation Complete

    Although this is probably old news, it may still be worth noting that the MOTHER 3 Fan Translation has been completed. After two long years of dedicated hacking and translating, the final patch is now finally available. MOTHER 3 is the 2006 Game Boy Advance sequel to the 1995 SNES RPG...
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    vSNES Version 2.91

    vSNES has been updated to its latest version, 2.91, in the Super Nintendo General Utilities category. vSNES is a multifunction program that acts similar to an SNES emulator, but also contains many useful tools. For the full product description, visit the official webpage...
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    Audio Overload v2.0b9

    The Audio Overload music player has been updated to its latest version, v2.0b9, in Audio Players Utilities section. Audio Overload is a music player written by Richard Bannister that plays a variety of emulated music formats, including: .AHX - Commodore Amiga .AY - Amstrad CPC/Spectrum...
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