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    I found something weird.

    While snooping around some Japanese SEGA website mirror a few weeks ago, I found something a bit strange. I somehow found a pure HTML archive page within the mirror that had strange info about an unknown upcoming game that I believe could be Space Harrier 3. If you haven't heard of Space...
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    More Game Music

    I think we need to update the Game Music section a bit. Even though it is an excellent archive as it is, it's missing some other systems that can be currently supported, but couldn't when last updated. Systems like MSX (KSS), PC (RAW) and X68000 (MDX). The only problems concerning these systems...
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    Official introductions thread

    I'm new here. But not new elsewhere. I don't know for sure, but I guess I'm part of the Zophar staff, if not just one of the original supporters. Anyway, I wanted to introduce myself. So hi.
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