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  1. Ugly Joe

    If you post here on Christmas...'re a loser. Don't take it personally. It's tradition.
  2. Ugly Joe

    Better Emoticons

    Could we get some emoticons that don't look horrible on a dark background? Something like these:
  3. Ugly Joe

    Once again

    Sig test (sans Zero Wing and In Rainbows references). <P ID="signature">_______________________________________ </P>
  4. Ugly Joe

    The Smurfs nsf</a> How can this soundtrack be so good? It defies all logic. <img src=smilies/retard.gif> <P ID="signature">_______________________________________ </P>
  5. Ugly Joe

    DDR Pads

    My mom's birthday is next weekend and she's mentioned that she wants to play DDR, since she likes Guitar Hero but wants more exercise <img src=smilies/cwm11.gif> Anyway, I'm looking at bundle packs, since those seem to be better deals, but I don't want to get stuck buying a horrible pad. Is...
  6. Ugly Joe

    Easy-to-use CD-Ripper for Windows

    A relative of a friend of a friend of mine needs some cd-ripping software. Anyone know of any decent cd-rippers for Windows that are extra user-friendly? (btw, EAC w/ Lame, despite being awesome, is not extra user-friendly) <P ID="signature">_______________________________________ </P>
  7. Ugly Joe

    Weird Al</a> <span style="font-variant: small-caps;">rotflol</span> <P ID="signature">_______________________________________ </P>
  8. Ugly Joe

    Regex help

    I'm trying to make a regular expression that will append a path to all relative links on a webpage. That is: <a href="blah/blah2/page.htm">page<a> would be replaced with something like: <a href="/newdir/deeperdir/blah/blah2/page.htm">page<a> I can find all the links and add the extra path...
  9. Ugly Joe

    LILO troubles

    I'm running Slackware 10.2 and I decided to try compiling my own kernel. I was following the instructions from</a>. I went through all the steps and nothing appeared to have gone wrong. However, after rebooting, the Lilo menu only shows the old...
  10. Ugly Joe

    200 bytes is not enough

    but it will have to do... <P ID="signature"></P>
  11. Ugly Joe

    it is a mystery

    Everyone post the emoticon here to get it out of your system. Just because there's a new one it doesn't need to show up in every friggin' thread. <img src=smilies/mystery.gif><img src=smilies/mystery.gif><img src=smilies/mystery.gif><img src=smilies/mystery.gif><img...
  12. Ugly Joe

    Guitar Hero, anyone?

    My room mate picked it up last night. I think it's pretty great. It's good to have a peripheral game that isn't ridiculously easy (*glares at Donkey Konga and Taiko Drum Master...moreso at Donkey Konga*). The song selection is pretty great, too. Even though they're mostly all covers, they do...
  13. Ugly Joe

    Free DivX Create bundle</a> Not sure how useful this is to anyone, but DivX is giving away their encoding stuff for a day. edit: maybe this is TotT material? Oh well...<P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by Ugly Joe on 09/29/05 09:15...
  14. Ugly Joe

    RF Adaptor Splitter?

    I was messing around with my apartment's gaming rig and found out that one of my old RF adaptors (the old nes/snes-style gray bricks) doesn't work. Rather than going out and buying a new one, I'm wondering if it's alright to use an RCA splitter to hook up two systems through a single RF...
  15. Ugly Joe

    fceuxd source incomplete?

    I tried to get the Fceuxd source code from off of the nes page and it didn't download the whole archive (only got about 325kb, the whole thing is about 750kb). I found an alternate download link on ZMD (thanks Disch!). I'm not sure if was a problem on my end or what, but it's probably worth...
  16. Ugly Joe

    NES Text Hooker

    I was trying to put a DTE hack into a game yesterday (which turned into me figuring out how to expand a mapper 1 game to make room for a DTE hack...) when I got an idea for an text hooker. A text hooker, or at least what I'm calling a text hooker, is a program or function that hijacks the text...
  17. Ugly Joe

    OpenGL/Glut issues

    I started to poke around my shmup code again today and came across a shortcoming in GLUT. What I'm trying to do is have the ship be moved with the arrow keys, but slow down when the user holds down shift. Now, the moving part is easy, but the shift part is driving me crazy. Glut has a...
  18. Ugly Joe

    Help with NSF ripping

    I'm trying to rip the music from "Tetris 2 + BomBliss", but I've never done it before and I've hit a snag. I'm using the "NES Music Ripping Guide" by Chris Covell as a guide. I've found the sound data itself already, and I'm pretty sure that that play address is 0x8000. I have a couple...
  19. Ugly Joe


    Woo. 38,000,000 hits. These used to get posted on the front page. I actually got it this time, but the png didn't load. <P ID="signature"></P>
  20. Ugly Joe

    Recommend me a Linux distro

    I have a spare computer lying around and I want to use it as a small webserver. I don't intend on doing anything serious with it, I just want something to play around with to get some server-side experience. It's an older compaq, 92mb ram, 8gb hdd, AMD K6 (from what I could find online, about...
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