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  1. ARProductions2009

    River City Ransom 2 in development for WiiWare I been waiting for a sequel, and now this just makes me want to get a Wii. The first River City Ransom is a classic game, and one of my favorites on the NES.
  2. ARProductions2009

    LOL you got to be kiddin

    I am seriously laughing my ass off right now. So I login, and seen I was banned earlier....because I used "u" and guess who it was by? Reaper Man, lol. You have got to be serious? Over the word "u" LOL! I find that to be very pathetic. Sounds like someone takes the internet wayyyy to serious...
  3. ARProductions2009

    Rant: Metallica/Lars Ulrich

    Rant - Metallica/Lars Ulrich: This is a rant about something I seen on That Metal Show Now I know this is not in my video thread, but I thought a thread by itself of this rant, would be fine.
  4. ARProductions2009

    username change request

    I'd like to change my username to ARProductions2009 Thanks in advance.
  5. ARProductions2009

    How to run a Amstrad CPC emulator

    Hey I need a bit of help. Anyone know how to run one of these? I am using WinAPE, and everytime I load a .dsk file. Which would be a disk, it doesn't do anything. If someone knows a step by step procedure for doing this, I would appreciate it. I would like to review some of these games at a...
  6. ARProductions2009

    LOLWUT: this will make you laugh

    LOL, ok, so I came across this video, and I thought, what the hell, Lets show to the world, how stupid people can get. Enjoy
  7. ARProductions2009

    Questions Video

    Hey everyone, I am thinking about having people ask me questions in a upcoming video. You can ask me questions game related or non-game related. So if you got a question to ask me, send it to me, and I will do a videos with questions and answers.. I guess you can call this a About Me video...
  8. ARProductions2009

    Watch out for people like this on Youtube

    CGRIM29588 is a stealing peoples videos. He stole my Donkey Kong Monster Truck music video. Look for yourself So if you have content you created, keep your eyes out.
  9. ARProductions2009

    new Youtube account

    I want to share something with all of you. I am starting a new Youtube account, just for gaming videos. I will be posting reviews, music videos, and anything video game related. So if you could, subscribe and add me as a friend on Youtube that would be awesome...
  10. ARProductions2009

    Music Video: ThePlasmas - Ghost N Goblins

    Alright its done Enjoy, Either watch it now. or wait for the High Definition to kick in
  11. ARProductions2009

    ARProductions2009's review thread

    (Admin's note: There were too many of these. I felt it would be a bit cleaner to just merge all of these into one thread. It makes more sense that way. Also, you could subscribe to this thread to get more reviews from sprint car fan, but I don't see why you would... ;p Admin's note 2: Come...
  12. ARProductions2009

    Fun with Carmageddon (in HIGH DEF)

    Enjoy! Make sure to hit the Watch In HD button
  13. ARProductions2009

    Youtube HD Video Test #1: Sprint Cars

    Youtube HD Video Test #1 1
  14. ARProductions2009

    September 8, 2004

    I am posting this now. Because for some of you, its December 8th. On December 8, 2004. We lost one of the best metal musicians out there. Dimebag Darrell Abbott. He was shot and killed on stage at during a Damageplan concert. Every year on this day, many gather to remember him. So this thread...
  15. ARProductions2009

    Barney Calhoun Is A Annoying Little Bastard A vid I created today. Hope ya like it. More Half-Life vids to come
  16. ARProductions2009

    I thought i'd share this with you all

    I have been doing videos, for a band called ThePlasmas, If you haven't heard of em, they are a band from Chile, that does video game music. I have done two music videos for them Super Mario Music Video and my newest one Contra Music Video...
  17. ARProductions2009

    This type of PC

    Back in elementary school there whis this type of Apple PC, that we used, it used floppy disks, the big black ones, and the screen was either green and black, or orange and black anyone know what type of Apple PC that was? and maybe I can find a emulator for it?
  18. ARProductions2009

    I am new and i have a question

    Hello there, I am new here, seems like a big site I got a quick question, is there a way I can play old games, on my PS2, without having a mod-chip or swap magic? Like if I make a ISO?
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