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  1. Paladyn

    Grandmother Dying

    My 81 Year old grandmother, who has Alzhiemer's, is now dying. From all indications, she won't live to see the weekend. She's been almost completely non-responsive for the last 3 days, and her breathing has become increasingly labored. There's alot more I could write, but to tell you the truth...
  2. Paladyn

    The last month

    This is just a small sample of the crap I've been dealing with over the last month: My grandfather's been in the hospital a few times for heart problems. Cleared out a few blockages, then the had a few incidents where they thought he was going to have a heart attack. I can't move back into my...
  3. Paladyn

    Career change

    I was laid off today. Due to some assholes in England who decided that certain American sites needed to reduce their workforce to send more profits back to the overall company. They let alot of very good people go today. I give them 3 years before they finally close down the site altogether...
  4. Paladyn

    Well, it happened

    I've already told a couple of people on #zophar about a rumor I heard that I was going to be reassigned to a new department due to a reorganization. My boss didn't even know until he heard the rumor. Anyway, the new Org. chart came out, and I'm out of Operations Engineering, and into the new...
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