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  1. packardmelan

    News Categories

    I'd like to suggest that you implement news categories for posting - right now the news is just "posted" as is, and if all I want to see are updates for... say... emulators on the Wii, there's no way to do that.
  2. packardmelan

    Holy fuck, this place is still around?

    <center></center> <P ID="signature"></a></P>
  3. packardmelan

    CSS Background color issues.

    Okay, so, I was working on validating a CSS file. I didn't write it, but I wanted to do what I could to rework everything necessary so the W3C validator reported no errors, and no warnings. I ALMOST succeeded. But the last warning I have left, is this: Line : 322 (Level : 1) You have no...
  4. packardmelan

    What a shit start to a year.

    Sorry for not having done much with the ZD concept lately. I'll get back on that as soon as I can... but... Word just got to me, literally minutes ago, that my little cousin Ian is brain dead. He's in the hospital, in a coma, and they removed the life support. He's on a morphine drip, and it's...
  5. packardmelan

    My mom died tonight.

    I won't get into it here. There's too much history to explain... but... Yeah. <P ID="signature"></a></P>
  6. packardmelan

    I'm OK! - A murder sim. This is awesome. The game is - surprisingly enough - actually kind of fun, and engaging. O.o Or am I just that sick and twisted? (I especially like the end-level bonus when you have to pee on the brains of your enemies.) <P...
  7. packardmelan

    For the hell of it.

    As a bit of background, this is something I wrote for a LiveJournal community where someone was basically saying this guy was racist because he dated a Japanese girl, and somehow Super Sentai versus Power Rangers came up... it made sense at the time... So I'm posting one of my posts, which is...
  8. packardmelan

    I bought a game today.

    Before I post all the bad crap, I thought I'd get something 'fun' out. There's a game I've wanted, since I was in middle school. Maybe high school. It's called "Mega Man X 2", for the Super Nintendo. This was a game that was made with the "C4" subprocessor chip, similar to the SuperFX chip - so...
  9. packardmelan

    What are some of your "trouble" roms?

    ...And no, I'm not talking about finding them. I mean, do you have any emulators that you double up on just to play a particular rom? Say you use NESterJ for all your NES needs, but you have some obscure game that just won't work unless you run it in NESticle. Anyone? <P...
  10. packardmelan

    Mario Kart DS

    Is anyone playing the Wi-Fi? Maybe we can swap friend codes. :) <P ID="signature"></a></P>
  11. packardmelan


    <center></center> Nothing like collecting American toys based on a Japanese show, that's coming to America in February. <P ID="signature"></a></P>
  12. packardmelan

    I know this is retarded, but...

    ...Can someone PLEASE name off a list of current ZD staff members? In all seriousness, the 'staff' bit on the front page hasn't been updated in what, a year? Just names. No commentary, no jokes. Who's responsible for the site? Call me curious. I'm not out to make a stink, or 'place blame' or...
  13. packardmelan


    ...Nothing in particular. Just testing. <img src=smilies/mystery.gif> <P ID="signature">:: Visit http://www.lethimtweek.comLet Him Tweek</a> to read my sister's new webcomic!</P>
  14. packardmelan

    ZOMG. OFFICIAL NEW ZD LOGO?!11!1!?one!

    <center></center> <center><img src=smilies/mystery.gif></center><font size="-3">Incidentally, I did that up tonight, and it's certainly not the official ZD logo, and likely never will be. Still, I like it.</font><P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by packardmelan on 12/03/05 02:33...
  15. packardmelan

    XBOX 360s crashing like crazy? Check that link out. It seems a number of the Xbox 360s are already showing signs of defects. I'm glad I didn't run out on launch day and try to buy one!
  16. packardmelan

    Darth Vader Custom Choppers?

    Here's the article:
  17. packardmelan

    Way to go, Nintendo!

    This is hillarious! And a side of Nintendo I've never seen before. Maybe because it's Canadian... but I seriously hope Nintendo of America grows some balls and shows this commercial off. lol!
  18. packardmelan


    ...A cheap-ass USB Art Tablet that works in OpenCanvas and Windows XP, with pen. Cheap. Cheapcheapcheap. Cheap. *cough* Any ideas? @.@
  19. packardmelan

    Halo movie news. I'm not entirely sure if this is true, but it's on and I'm going to take it for gospal. PETER FUCKING JACKSON is on-board to help with the Halo movie.
  20. packardmelan

    I need some help.

    I was messing around with some partitions on my spare hard drive tonight, and screwing around with Linux and Windows XP and stuff. What I ended up doing was creating a 2 GB partition with ext3, and a 76 GB partition with hfs+ or whatever. I followed a wiki that was telling me how to change the...
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