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  1. kittyslasher


    DOSBox is my favorite emulator since it plays classic DOS games. I remember when my morbidly gay nigger friends from Detroit stuck joysticks up their butts while they were playing classic DOS games while having hardcore buttfucking gay nigger sex!
  2. kittyslasher

    nigger jokes

    More jokes about gay nigger sex should be put on the website.
  3. kittyslasher

    memory chips

    I heard some rumor that there is a sector of the ROM for Super Mario 64 for N64 where if you converted the 0s and 1s directly to black and white bitmap images that represent the digital semiconducter mappings, that somewhere in it would reveal the phrase "I want to have hardcore buttfucking gay...
  4. kittyslasher

    People seem to hate me

    As a shock jock, I just wanna bring shock humour to the forums. But apparently, I am being ignored by emulation geeks. I just thought I'd say a joke where nigger joke and emulation anecdote joined forces. Because it does make me smile to think of a morbidly gay nigger having hardcore...
  5. kittyslasher

    nigger jokes

    I think it would be awesome if we saw some ROM hacks portraying a nigger's hood! For instance, maybe put Super Mario Bros. 3 in disguise as niggerland!
  6. kittyslasher

    The word "nigger" and its heritage

    So why is this word so familiar? Oh I can answer my own question! Because it is a racist term used by racist whites and black niggers themselves (thereby a double standard is in place). But sometimes racist jokes are just meant to be an innocent excuse to say "nigger" just for shits and...
  7. kittyslasher

    Morbidly gay negros

    Some people say that gay culture isn't generally accepted by blacks. But who knows how many exceptions there are! Because if I were to have a black friend who was gay, I would wanna have gay sex with them.
  8. kittyslasher

    Gay human with a lot of melanin in his skin sex

    I would like to see a homebrew rom for a popular game console emulator in the form of a game where you are on an adventure to buttfuck morbidly gay humans with a lot of melanin in their skin from da hood. Because that concept would really introduce public domain games that are rated AO. Gay...
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