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    GBS to Wav conversion

    I downloaded a few GBS files from this website under the gameboy music section but I AM UNABLE to find ANY program to convert them to wav NOR CAN I EVEN FIND A PROGRAM TO PLAY THEM!!! I googled but ALL I GET are posts about plugins people have used or how they did it BUT NONE TELL WHAT PLUGIN OR...
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    sf2 to wav converter?

    I extracted a sf2 soundfont from a game and I need help figuring out how to convert it to wav!! how is this done?
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    error on website (submitting comment on Util)

    every time i try to submit a comment on a Sonic editor that isn't what was described I get a fatal error on the Zophars domain that reads Fatal error has occoured. The page will not load. An email has been sent to the administration to notify about the problem. Click here to try refreshing...
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    Is there any SNES SIM CITY Map editors?

    Google is no help... all that was coming up is websites trying to sell me the SNES cartridge and/or game reviewing sites... Is there any map editors for the SNES version of Sim City? I even searched google for the savestate editor found on this website, and again all that was coming up was...
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    any vgm to midi out there?

    i cannot get the one that uses "sphere" to work. I get Script error in 'scrips/a_main.js', line: 95 (1): VGM parse error from ym26121(27,0) I tried sphere's forum and tried contacting the project's creator, No response from either! Now to the point, is there a program (maybe an exe) that...
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    is there any usf to midi converters out there?

    I would like to convert n64 (USF) to midi, I didn't see any on this site, so, does it exist? if so where?
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    luckiest victories

    in ff IV( 2 in usa) for the snes, I was battling valvalis and all my characters were down except 1 and valvalis was spinning and I only had like 5 HP left. and did like only 3 damage on last hit and it was enought to kill him/her (is it a boy or a girl? I can't really tell, I think it was a...
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    save state REQ "near Gara in secret of the stars"

    does anybody have a save state near the boss: Gara, in Tecmo Secret of the stars? I want to save a picture of her!
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    Snes emulator question

    is there a snes emulator that can record AVI files from the game you are playing? if so please tell me or link it to me. thanks <P ID="signature"></P>
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    favorite programming language

    I like visual basic 6.0 and visual post your favorites <img src=smilies/director.gif>
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    I have a couple questions!

    In GYM2mid, do I have to download the whole thing or can just the EXE work alone? In NSF2mid I cannot get it to read winamp m3u playlists or nsf files I have winamp 2.23, is that too low of a version to work? and if there are wav files in the playlist (log sound as) is that a reason why it...
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