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  1. schmocke

    Super Scribblenauts

    Are there any fans of Scribblenauts? What do you think of the sequel, Super Scribblenauts? I´m already in World 7 and personally, it´s a lot of fun. BUT: I don´t understand Nintendos "check the quality of your own products department" regarding to this game. I assume, the english version plays...
  2. schmocke

    pcsx2 0.9.7 (r3113) saving config issue

    Hi folks. Since I got my new PC I wanted to tryout PS2 emulation. I downloaded latest beta of pcsx2 along with the August 2010 updated plugins. I dumped two of my PS2 Discs with imgburn (Tekken 5 PAL and Psychonauts PAL). So, I thought I was ready to emulate a PS2 on Windows 7 x64. But - after...
  3. schmocke

    Strange Firefox crashes on my new Computer

    Hi everyone. I assembled a new "hell of a machine" :) PC system since my old Pentium 4 was nearly eight years old. Everything worked fine and I installes Windows 7 64 Bit. Now I have a weird problem. Sometimes Firefox crashes and the whole system freezes or instantly reboots. That happend twice...
  4. schmocke

    Thoughts on reviving the forums a bit

    Hey guys. Since Zophar´s Domain stuck a bit lately, I would like to hear your thoughts on how to revive the forum. Active mebers are rare nowadays and only replying to one post wonders isn´t the real thing, I guess. My suggestion is to create a recurring Highscorecontest, similar to a contest we...
  5. schmocke

    Wipeout 2097 Soundproblem

    Alright. I´ve burned a copy of Wipeout 2097 (pal) to play it on my modded PS1. Unfortunately, the ingame music doesn´t play at all; instead I hear a buzzy and awfull noise. Is it possible, that the image is somewhat damaged!? Right now, I´m downloading Wipeout XL (ntsc-u) which is the same game...
  6. schmocke

    SuperCIC SNES switchless MOD

    You probably all know about the SNES 50/60hz and lockout mod, where you´re able to switch between the given regions Europe, USA and Japan. Now it´s possible to mod your SNES switchless - also SA-1 games work with this mod on any SNES. Check it out here: I didn´t...
  7. schmocke

    Editmode broken!?

    I´m unable to edit my posts. When I hit "save" it loads forever. Is it just on my Computer´s side, or anyone else with the same issue?
  8. schmocke

    NDSi and Emulators

    Alright folks. Since today I´m a prowd owner of a brand new Nintendo DSi XL. The last new console I´ve bought was a Playstation 1 15 years ago (okay, I have a Dreamcast and PS2 too, but these were used..). Tomorrow a M3i Zero Cart will arrive, along with a 8GB SD-Cart. Then the setup will be...
  9. schmocke

    NO$GBA 2.6a and the fucking Stylus

    Hi folks. I was lazy, hangin´ around and tried to emulate some DS games. I never had before so I installed NO$GBA 2.6.a, gathered required BIOS and FW files as well as three games. Alright, and then came the pain: I´m unable to use the touchscreen with my mouse. WTF!? If anyone has an idea how...
  10. schmocke

    Armin Gessert passed away

    Armin Gessert, developer of "The Great Giana Sisters" and founder, CEO of Spellbound passed away on November 8th by a heart attack. He became only 46 years old. R.I.P.
  11. schmocke

    WinUAE and *.ipf files

    Hi folks. I´ve got the AMIGA No-Intro set recently. So far so good, but instead of *.adf files it only contains *.ipf disk-images. I found this site related to the subject: So, what to do with WinUAE to run *.ipf disks!? Has anyone here done it before? Thanks in advance...
  12. schmocke

    Your favorite TV-Shows

    Hi folks. Since summer won´t really approach here in germany I waste my time watching TV-Shows via Internet (I love streaming video). So here are my a) all time- and b) current favorites. Since all seasons end sometimes I count on you, suggesting shows I haven´t seen yet. a) Six Feet Under...
  13. schmocke

    DVD-Writer issue

    Hi folks. I´ve obtained a new DVD-Writer for my PC (Model: LG GH22NP20), hoping to gain faster writingspeeds up to 22x for DVD-/+ R media. My former writer was limited to 4x. Yet I tried 12x, but it takes nearly the same time than 4x, appr. 14 minutes. The RAM-buffer decreases very fast when...
  14. schmocke

    Emulating Blackthorne (SEGA 32X)

    Hello everyone! I have a problem running Blackthorne (SEGA 32X US version) at playable speed. Untill now I used Gens & Gens32 Surreal (latest builds). The game runs too fast to play, about 5x - 10x above normal speed. I tried different settings (frameskip adjustments, sound settings, different...
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