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  1. hero501

    Bio Hazard - Save State Editor v0.1

    Greeting My first save editor :thumb up: best regards
  2. hero501

    Suikoden 2 Event Editor v2.1

    Hello guys Look what i find !!
  3. hero501

    Suikoden - Edit Event

    hello guys Look this You can change events also character,you can find more events . best regards
  4. hero501

    Solon Jhee Sprite !?

    Hello guys look what i found Solon Jhee Sprite Edit :banghead: where is program editor ???
  5. hero501

    Suikoden Hack

    hello i need team for hack suikoden 1 :cry: thanks advance
  6. hero501

    New section ?

    Greeting what about new section for request for hack roms or savestate or cheats ? Best regards
  7. hero501

    Pending Savestate

    I submit savestate before one week but not added ? :confused: Best regards
  8. hero501

    Please Help !

    hello Guys !! Please someone help me ! :help: How creator or add Games NES ( 3 IN 1 ) or (9 IN 1 ) Any how much add games ? :cry: If you have Emulator ( Creator NES ) give me link
  9. hero501

    I'm Thunder Codes

    I'm thundercodes! Hello Guys i'm ThunderCodes if anyone want codes for NES or GB & GBC & GBA Genesis & PSX . :cool: Just tell me what do you want ? Ok buddy ;) If have the game !
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