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    upgrading old laptop ram

    Here's the deal, I inherited this old 2004 laptop when mom died last august and it's ran well, its just that it only has 384 meg of ram out of 512 meg installed due to the 128 meg onboard video. After research I learned this can be upgraded to 2 gig of ram so I used cpu-z to discover the speed...
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    Scribblenaughts 2

    So after pumping almost 900$ into the local economy we went to Gamestop and I got a few wii games 2k Sports MLB 2k10 and Madden 2k10, and Soul Calibur Legends which despite so so reviews I'm rather enjoying and picked up FF4DS and a new copy of Scribblenaughts since my puppy literally ate my...
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    so yeah my mother in law got a miwi off amazon or some shit, its some Chinese made wii pirate console and she couldnt get it working (per usual with technology things with her) so she gave it to us and I just now got around to trying it. I unplugged my wii from the TV and after deciphering the...
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    I'm engaged

    finally got a chance to get online while my new fiancee sleeps, I arrived in indiana last friday and had the proposal date and place all picked out then said screw it and proposed about 5 seconds after I got off the plane, just to do it and get it over with so I woldnt run the risk of her...
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    updating probs

    Recently I got a fairly old but still much better then my pentium 2 computer and its been running good but tonight I got my hands on a new video card and some ram but the friggin video card in this box refuses to come out, it comes out halfway then stops, no matter how hard I pull it refuses to...
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    3 years is a long time

    I know its been ages since I actually posted and alot has happened since, not only have I met an amazing woman wh I will move to be with in 7 weeks I've learned so much on what love is. With my ex it was all give,with Rachel its 50/50, granted I'm making a HUGE risk in moving 2048 miles away but...
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    so yeah been fucking forever since I got out of lurker mode and actually posted... I'm moving to indiana in 7 weeks to be with my soon to be fiancee that I've been dating for the past 3 years, 3 yrs of lurking damn I suck but I hope to start posting again rather then just lurking, lurking is...
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    Gf's laptop overheating

    m gfs laptop keeps overheating on her, and she has constant dissconects on her dialup, we ran spyware and didnt find any and shes running antivirus and so far noithing, any ideas on why its overheating? <img src=smilies/banghead.gif> <P ID="signature"></P>
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    Weird Adaware error

    I recently installed adaware on my moms XP machine and it scans for a bit then XP craps itself like its been infected with Blaster only its not.. .wtf is going on? <img src=smilies/2gunsfiring_v1.gif> PS.. can anyone reccomend a good free firewall app? <P ID="signature"></P>
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    Thing I realised tonight

    Since returning to ZMD and #zophar, I havnt been on all that much even with DSL.. its because I feel its more important to spend as much time with Amanda as possible instead of blowing 99% of it online and yes Sam I know you're sick of me just talking about Amanda all the time and I promise...
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    HAPPY Kristy poem

    well I was just sitting down listening to my tenchi muyo CD out of anything, just picked a CD at random and threw it in my player and as the CD was coming to an end the first verse popped into my head so naturally I get my ass into wordpad and write it down and then let it write itself and it...
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    Nothing has changed, I still miss you

    Its been so many years, and I've cried so many tears, but nothing has changed, I still miss you. I thought by now, the pain would be gone, or at least gone enough, to let me live. Was I really such a fool? Was that in too much to believe? You're there, I'm still here, and nothing has changed...
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    Goodbye for now my friends

    Well I should have made this post a few days ago but was too upset to do it... but tommorow we move.. and on the 6th I leave to go to Arkansas to move in with my fiancee... cable gets turned off tonight, including the modem.. It might be a while before I get a chance to come back on, what with...
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    New Song

    Looks like my inspiration is FINALLY coming back.. well heres my latest one.. As I remember your love, and all the things we've done together, The romance we found, the joy we share, I'll never stop to wonder why its there.. For you my love, have brought such joy to my life, and I cant wait...
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    Hangovers suck

    I guess my body didnt like all that bicardi last night.. woke up.. threw up for the first time blah.. first time for everything.. my body hurts.. I feel like shit.. I didnt even have all that much either.. so maybe I finally found something offlimits for my body.. oh well, I dont think I'll...
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    No Tony Jr.'s Yet heh

    Well she started her period again.. so we aint pregnant YET.. so now ya'll dont have to worry about lil versions of me on ZMD anytime soon.. and from the way its turning out we'll be able to be together for our 18 mnth anniv and her 19th bday... so finally things are looking up for us.. <img...
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    Cant Sleep.. again

    Its a lil past 3 and although I'm tired as all hell I cant sleep because I cant get Amanda and all we're going through currently to pass out when my head hits the pillow like it should. So here I am, listening to Crystal Gayle music and wondering alot of what ifs that I shouldnt be wondering...
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    17 month anniversary tommorow

    Tommorow is our 17 month anniversary.. it seems like so long... yet it still feels like yesterday that I fell in love with her. We started out as simple friends, one random IM in a poetry room that I wasnt gonna even be in that night... was gonna play Ultima IX but for some reason at the last...
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    No word yet

    Thanks to my fiancee's mom being a bitch (as usual) she didnt get chance to go to the docs to get a pt.. so we still dont know yet.. arrrgh... why do 99% of mother in law's... hell in laws in general suck? <img src=smilies/2gunsfiring_v1.gif> <P ID="signature"></P>
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    <img src=smilies/headshake.gif> Well, Amanda called a lil while ago.. and we were talking... and well.. we may be pregnant.. she's been spotting and uber hungry and she had a horrible mood swing on the phone.. for which she apologized for and pregnant women get those... arrgh.. We kinda hope we...
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