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    SNES MIDI Remaster Project

    Soundtrack number 4 is now live! Prince Of Persia As always, The full project playlist (will always work even if individual videos are updated)
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    SPC dump of Editable songs from Mario Paint?

    Does anyone know of an SPC dump of the three editable songs from Mario Paint? The rest of the soundtrack is available, but I'm guessing there is some sort of technical limitation with these because they are probably sent to the sound engine note by note rather than as a full track. That being...
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    SNES MIDI Remaster Project

    Bonus soundtrack added today: Super Castlevania IV (Prototype) A protoype for Super Castlevania IV was leaked in 2020, with work-in-progress versions of tracks that would end up in the final game, plus a track that never saw the light of day. The variations are interesting to hear, and a...
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    SNES MIDI Remaster Project

    Today the SNES MIDI Remaster Project has DOUBLED in size with its newest addition, Super Castlevania IV! The full project playlist (will always work even if individual videos are updated) Super Castlevania IV Super R-Type
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    SNES MIDI Remaster Project

    I am pleased to announce that the first complete soundtrack for the SNES MIDI Remaster Project is now online! I have been working on this project for ages. I am remastering soundtracks from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System as GS MIDI Files, and uploading the completed soundtracks as a...
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    Converting Sega Music to multi-track format?

    Your best bet is to use a VGM player or plugin that allows muting of channels and record each channel individually. I just tested out the in_vgm plugin for Winamp, and it does let you do this, but it's not exactly convenient. You have to go in to the plugin configuration and mute channels from...
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    Surprise track end in Super R-Type!

    Got it sorted out. I've added these to the Super R-Type page.
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    Surprise track end in Super R-Type!

    Both Waterfox and Chrome, no dice.
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    Surprise track end in Super R-Type!

    Something's up with their registration. It's not loading the captcha required to finish the process. Feel free to add this on there if you already have an account!
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    What are the specified single letters for SFC files in front of its list number?

    Which games are those from? I have seen some where different versions of the game are combined in to a single rar file, and the tracks from the different versions carry different lettering or numbering. The archive for Super Aleste/Space Megaforce I have contains one file with "s" added in the...
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    Surprise track end in Super R-Type!

    Just found another easter egg in the music! Track 5, A Submerging Titan, at the 8:00 mark, there's a silly little trumpet riff.
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    Surprise track end in Super R-Type!

    So I was playing Super R-Type a few weeks ago, when I died and left the room to go get something to eat. The game sat on the "Continue" screen for a looooong time. Super R-Type track 14, Blast Rock. It loops and loops and loops, then, quite unexpectedly, there is a genuine end to the music...
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    Forums eating posts

    Are the forums just devouring posts now? My last two posts posted fine, one of them got a reply emailed to me, and now they have both vanished, and are also no longer in my watched threads list. It almost seems like at a certain time every day or every few days, the board is just reverting to...
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    Ripping SNES music to midis

    I am trying to make some high quality midis from a few SNES games. (Well, as many Castlevania games as I can, but currently focusing on SNES). I spent the past few days ripping Castlevania 4 using spc2midi English R2. I have a CV4 soundfont that fairly accurately listed the actual (MIDI)...
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    Playing midis on an NES emulator

    Anyone know of a way to play midi files through an NES emulator? I am aware of the differences between the formats, and am hoping to use this to my advantage. I have midi files I need to use for a homebrew game. As is, they have too many channels/notes played at the same time, as well as some...
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    Midi editor to change instruments

    Hey all, I've been looking for a good free midi editor (Windows or web based) to do what I assumed would be a simple task: Change all instances of a particular instrument in a midi file to a new instrument. I generally use Anvil Studio for midi editing, but I have some midi files that were...
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    NES Soundfont help

    I found this awesome NES soundfont (8bitsf.sf2) that I am using with CoolSoft VirtualMIDISynth through Winamp to play my midi files so they sound like awesome NES music. Trouble is, the timpani sounds too...
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    Montie2K's killing it!

    Killing it in a good way. Montie2K's been busting his beans updating all the music archives over the past few months. Just want to let him know I appreciate it! Woot woot! :bigthumbup:
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    Christmas music in games

    Please chime in (a holiday pun!) with songs from video games that are christmasy/wintery. I tried searching google for a while without much luck. I'd like to make myself a decent christmas playlist. Songs I can think of off the top of my head: Lemmings 2 (SNES) - Polar Tribe Banjo-Kazooie...
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    SPC to midi?

    I am working on a game that needs "old sounding" music from newer games. I was recently made aware of a program called GXSCC which lets you play midi files so they sound close to (and depending on the midi file, almost exactly like) 8-bit NES music. I would prefer to use as authentic music as...
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