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  1. dlevere

    SNES Star Fox now runs at a silky 60 fps

    If you were a Nintendo kid in the 90's, you were probably blown away by how Star Fox and its SuperFX chip could render full 3D worlds on 1993 era SNES hardware. If you go back to play the game today, though, you'll probably be let down by the game's choppy frame rate, which maxes out at a...
  2. dlevere

    YoyoLoader updates. More than 700 games playable.

    From the developer: You'll need a hacked PS Vita in order to run this and any other homebrew on the console. YoYo Loader on PS Vita: now more than 700 playable games
  3. dlevere

    Cemu 2.0 released, goes Open Source, Linux version available

    Cemu is a Wii U emulator that’s been around for quite some time allowing you to play the console’s titles on your PC. While the Wii U was a commercial flop, it is worth saying that many popular Switch titles are direct ports of its games with such titles including Mario Kart 8, Zelda: Breath of...
  4. dlevere

    Cemu 2.0 released, goes Open Source, Linux version available

    Exzap, the main developer behind Cemu, has shared the news in a lengthy announce over at Reddit, where he explains the reasons for going open source. Mostly, trying to bring fresh blood to the project as he’s been the only main developer on the project for the past 8 months. Download Cemu 2.0...
  5. dlevere

    A closer look at Original XBox Emulation on Steam Deck | MVG

    It's time to take a closer look at emulation on the Valve Steam Deck. In today's episode, we focus on Original XBox Emulation using Xemu. Is it worth the trouble just to play some old games from 2001 or not? :unsure: Let's dive in and find out.
  6. dlevere

    can someone gimme a link of the site for ds system romming emulation as in system romming for NDS?

    I don't understand your question. Maybe this link will help I don't know how old this is, it's no date on the post.
  7. dlevere

    Nintendo Wanted Hacker's Prison Sentence To Turn Heads

    Nintendo hacker mastermind unrepentant, despite Bowser being sent to jail
  8. dlevere

    Nintendo Wanted Hacker's Prison Sentence To Turn Heads

    References: - Nintendo wanted hacker's prison sentence to turn heads (Jun 6, 2022) o_O - Nintendo Switch hacker called Bowser jailed for causing $65m losses to gaming companies - Judge Gives 40-Month Prison Sentence to Nintendo Switch Hacker Called 'Bowser' - Team Xecuter Wikipedia Article
  9. dlevere

    Marble Madness II: The Canceled Sequel Recovered For MAME

    Atari pulled the plug on the release of Marble Madness II almost exactly 31 years ago after the follow up to their hit game failed to perform well in location tests. For decades the only way to play this now sought after rarity has been on one of a handful of known surviving units when it was...
  10. dlevere

    PS4 officially added to supported platforms in Retroarch
  11. dlevere

    PS4 Emulator Spine v20220517, improves compatibility

    Spinedev has released this week an update to the PS4 Emulator Spine. This new release, 20220517, seems to improve compatibility with multiple games. This emulator remains experimental but shows promising enhancements. PS4 Emulator Spine v20220517, improves compatibility
  12. dlevere

    Dolphin Emulator will now only be supported on Windows 10 and newer

    The coming change was hinted at in the last Dolphin progress report, posted on May 17, while discussing an issue caused by Windows 7...
  13. dlevere

    Cemu 1.27.0 Released

    Cemu 1.27.0 brings significant performance improvements, such as a much faster title scan (which should be noticeable if you have a larger library). Cemu 1.27.0 also brings support for a new file format “Wii U Archive” (.wua), a container optimized for Cemu which supports multiple titles in a...
  14. dlevere

    PS3 emulator RPCS3 now available on Mac

    Make sure you are on 0.0.21-13453 or later as a critical issue with MoltenVK was fixed for macOS. Source
  15. dlevere

    RPCS3 PS3 Emulator updated to 0.0.21

    Release: RPCS3 (PS3 Emulator) 0.0.21
  16. dlevere

    RetroArch Starter Guide (2022)

    The video will primarily be done on Windows PC, but the same method will apply to MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Vita, XBox platforms, and more. Full written guide:
  17. dlevere

    GaryOPA sentenced to 40 months in jail

    Gary Bowser sentenced to 40 months for Team Xecuter's console hacking Two other indicted Team Xecuter members have yet to face trial.
  18. dlevere

    GaryOPA sentenced to 40 months in jail

    Gary Bowser sentenced to 40 months for Team Xecuter's console hacking, - Department of Justice - GBATemp News
  19. dlevere

    Mario Kart DS romhack CTGP Nitro v1.0 release adds 88 tracks

    Official Thread Download Source
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