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  1. toasterhed

    When is our freedom enough?

  2. toasterhed

    Power of the people

    Before you disregard this entirely, please at least consider the words of Harry Brown. Take what you like and leave the rest. The point is made, even if it is about the Martha Steward case. This has been on my mind for ages. When will the American people (as a whole, no finger pointing) STOP...
  3. toasterhed

    Good to be back

    Well, after some time of inactivity it is good to be back. I have been backing up some old PSX games just in case I damage or misplace anything during my move into a new apartment. That seems to be the trend, my old systems don't like to be jolted around so much and they already have wear and...
  4. toasterhed

    The Emerald Dream

    This is taking up space. Could a admin delete it? I don't know what I was thinking. Kind of really OT for this site in general. Thanks. You can leave it if you want...
  5. toasterhed

    Good to be back

    My wireless card died and having a slim line PC tower, I could not find an internal one that had a back piece to fit it. Sure, it'd fit in the slot but then it just be exposed. I have missed this place a lot. I know that's not really important, but I just wanted the staff to know that I still...
  6. toasterhed

    An unusual question

    Firstly let me make sure that I get one thing straight away, I'm not at all questioning the rules of any forum and especially not this one. I am posting this as a general question about forum etiquette. I have been coming to Zophar for a long time now. I have been posting only a short time of...
  7. toasterhed

    Proposition 8

    Just wondering how other people out there feel about proposition 8. I'm sure most people know about proposition 8 and just in case, it is the proposition that California passed which made same sex marriage unlawful. Which had until recently been allowed for a short time. As many of you also may...
  8. toasterhed

    I love the DS

    I know, I know, I could have thought of way more interesting things to post than my undying love for what has to be one of the most fun and interesting hand held systems I've ever played. Sure, it's not the most awe inspiring console we've seen. However I absolutely love it. There are plenty...
  9. toasterhed

    Upgrading RAM

    Right now my system has a whole whopping 1.5gb of memory. The memory I have in it now, is not a matching pair. Should I be concerned about that as far as performance or it causing an issue with my system? It seems that it has worked fine but I did read an article which said it's best to install...
  10. toasterhed

    32-bit VS 64-bit OS to upgrade or not to updgrade?

    So I'm running Windows Vista Business 32-bit. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the pros and cons of switching to a 64-bit system? (Aside the fact that it will give me very minimal compatibility with a couple of versions of emulators that don't run on 32-bit OSes) Are you using 64-bit...
  11. toasterhed

    Complicated problem with Mozilla

    EDIT: Okay, so now it's acting normal again. I think I'm just going to format this evil machine and start anew. It's having problems shutting down and such. I am not so sure it was Mozilla. There was some crap in my cookies that was causing ads and I think one of them was from an Asian site. But...
  12. toasterhed


    So I was bored a couple of days ago and I DLed WinMugen. I have been playing with it trying to create some custom stuff mixed with some of the classic. I like it a lot and I was wondering what you guys though about it? I have heard that you can actually use the engine for other types of games...
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