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    A new topic full of firey debate to get the board going again~!

    SIKE <P ID="signature"><hr />of07</P>
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    Just saw VideoGamesLive here in Salt Lake

    Seeing the Utah Symphony, along with a full chorus and electric guitar, play One Winged Angel as an encore after two whole hours of orchestral Castlevania, Mario, and Final Fantasy music has made my year. <img src=smilies/thumb.gif> VideoGamesLive <P ID="signature"></P>
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    A man walks home to his wife with a duck under his arms,

    ...and says, "Here's the pig I've been fucking." His wife replies, "That's a duck." He says, "Yeah, I know. I was talking to the duck." <P ID="signature"><hr />of07</P>
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    Recipe: How to make Ohio State cookies

    1. Put them in a bowl 2. Let them rise for 10 minutes 3. Beat them for 3 hours <img src=smilies/magbiggrin.gif> <P ID="signature"><hr />of07</P>
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    There is a restaurant in New Orleans called "Double Dragon II"

    I saw it yesterday while I was in the area. Bad fucking ass.,+new+orleans&ie=UTF8&z=12&iwloc=A&om=1double dragon ii</a> <P ID="signature"><hr />of07</P>
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    Escaping the Friend Zone

    Escaping the Friend Zone: The Game Help your emo alter ego get a date and escape from ... the friend zone. <P ID="signature"></P>
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    2075 7175 7662 7573

    Above is my Wii Console Code if anyone wants to add me, or post theirs. Yes, I just got one for Christmas. And boy are my fuckin' arms SHOT. <P ID="signature"><hr />of07</P>
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    See the final cut of Blade Runner while it's still in theaters.

    Seriously ... Blown away. <P ID="signature"></P>
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    What the fuck is up with these shows on Disney Channel lately?

    When me and the misses weren't married yet, sometimes we'd spend the evening at her parents' house, and watch TV together, generally Disney Channel. This was around 2002-2003. I kind of dug the shows that were on, so it didn't bother me. Even Stevens was good, Boy Meets World was awesome, So...
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    Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers

    I've been playing this on DOSBox, so I guess it's emulation now. In my internet travels, I came across a collection of every classic Sierra Adventure ever produced, and I've decided to play "catch up" on all the titles I missed. I just polished off the Space Quest series (discounting 6, whose...
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    It's Okay that Bush Pardoned Libby ...

    Because everyone pardons everyone all the time so we should excuse it! Clinton got pardoned so Libby should LOLOLOLOL Ur only saying it's bad because you're a Democrat! This country has become so partisan and skeptical that no one's willing to stand up for the common good. Justice is...
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    What's with all the 'China's Poisoning Us' reports lately?

    Suddenly, with no issues in recent memory, China's the cause of: - melamine laced pet food - Veggie Booty kids snax fortified with salmonella - ethylene glycol contaminated toothpaste - seafood not fit for human consumption Did they really, suddenly drop the ball, or did the FDA suddenly wake...
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    I normally hate birthday threads, but...

    Happy birthday, Sam. :) <P ID="signature"><hr />of07</P>
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    This is ...

    National Your Keyboard in the Dishwasher</A> day. Yes, that's right. Every funky, beer and/or cat hair caked keyboard deserves to be crisp and clean, so throw that sucker in with your Fantastic Four McDonald's cup, click on over to Pots n' Pans...
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    Rockstar gets the stick.

    Manhunt 2 has an AO in the states and is banned in the UK. With all due respect, I wish they'd really terminate this series -- selling 6 or 7 copies while giving Jack Thompson everything he wants in a murder simulator (for reals, this time) is not worth their investment and can't be good for...
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    Conan may be replaced?

    Anyone else heard about this?</a> <P ID="signature"><hr />of07</P>
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    Awesome Flash Game: XENO TACTIC TACTIC</A> My favorite turret defense game. Super stylized, slick, and ultra-addicting. I got a good week of gameplay out of it. <P ID="signature"></P>
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    Jumbo Jack

    Add mustard Add cheese Add bacon Extra lettuce Extra mayo Try it this way. Best you can eat for about two bucks. <P ID="signature"><hr />of07</P>
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    Disturbing Trend

    What the fuck is the deal with black actors playing large abrasive women? Is this supposed to be comical? I usually have respect for Eddie Murphy and his career, but this type of shit makes me second-guess that. <P ID="signature"><hr />of07</P>
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    The Awesome Freeware Thread

    Post your favorite freeware and OSS programs. Photo and Image Editing ---------------------------------</A> - a freeware .NET-based image manipulation and paint program</A> - hack of GIMP to look and feel more...
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