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  1. Reaper man

    This new forum interface is fucking ugly.

    Everyone else here is thinking it. I figured I might as well come out and say it. This shit hurts my fucking eyes.
  2. Reaper man

    Seriously, what's with the Amiga spam bullshit?

    Seriously, Emulation News should focus on, well, emulation. No one cares about your shitty Amiga games, Yukio.
  3. Reaper man

    AIM being discontinued in December

    So, word on the street is that AOL is getting rid of its instant messenger service, which means that we probably should remove the AIM field for the profiles. :P but anyway yeah, lots of memories using that service. Thoughts? Also, it's one less reason for me to reinstall pidgin on this machine.
  4. Reaper man

    the forum layout graphic is unoptomized and ugly, let's fix that.

    So, after an invite to discord, I decided to visit the forums after what seems like forever, and I couldn't help but notice that one of the graphics for the forum layout theme was just.... awful. essentially, it's this one: Notice the horrible jpg artifacting. Now notice the blue bars...
  5. Reaper man

    Brad corrupts: A new youtube series

    Hey, this is a project that I've had on the backburner for a while now. I finally got around to making the first video. I corrupted the game 1942 using a special python script I made. Expect more to come, enjoy! avYK6Nw8NuM
  6. Reaper man

    E3 2010 Official Discussion Thread

    Hey guys, it's that time of the year again! Feel free to discuss the various ongoings/announcements of this year's E3 going on this week in this thread. So far, we know that MS will reveal the XBOX 360 slim and showcase Kinect (formally known as "Project Natal") Anyway, their conference will...
  7. Reaper man

    art of "nude" children

    Is it art, or is it child pornography? You decide. These photos are pieces of art that my girlfriend showed one of my friends because she wanted to draw portraits of his two kids. he declined the offer and when I asked him about it, I got this. If you read the conversation, he goes...
  8. Reaper man

    Official Youtube thread

    ok, I've not been happy with the old video thread for like a while, and today I decided to get off my lazy ass and do something about it, so here it is, the official youtube thread! Okay, first off, I'm going to lay down a few rules. 1. ALL videos are to be youtube videos embedded using this...
  9. Reaper man

    ZD to remain as is

    Hey guys, I hope you all enjoyed the April Fool's gag as much as I enjoyed making it. I did have a lot of fun putting it all together, and yes I know it was pretty lame, but my intent was for it to not be as believable as possible, but to have fun and make a silly prank. Anyway, just so that we...
  10. Reaper man

    OMG, best gaming accessory ever!

    Check this shit out guys! it's an iCade! you can play select emulated classic arcade games on your iPad! It cradles in a miniature cabinet and everything! Isn't this fucking awesome?!
  11. Reaper man

    so who's camping out Saturday?

    man, I'm already stoked about waiting out in line at the apple store to get a first hand glimpse of the awesome iPad. I'm hoping I'll have my current PC ready to be sold to some poor sap that'll have to suffer through winblows so that I have enough to get this, (and a shiny new iMac) I can't...
  12. Reaper man

    Prepare for a newer, better, ZD!

    (notice: please read this announcement in the forums in order to see the images) OK, for those who've known me on the boards, I've been known to hate Apple with a fiery passion. I've told many apple users to get a PC etc. Well, while I was hanging out with my neighbor a week ago, we got into a...
  13. Reaper man


  14. Reaper man

    Tutorial: using a debugger to figure out game mechanics

    Ok, so the past couple of days I decided to learn how to use a debuggger, as I was playing a game where I wanted to find out how a specific portion of the game worked. Anyway, I succeeded and was able to find out what I wanted. now I'm going to show you a helpful guide on how to do it. We'll...
  15. Reaper man

    Such wonderful weather we are having.

    :D I think I may take a trip to the park and pick up chicks have some fun... laters!
  16. Reaper man

    Behold, the greatest graphics filter known to man!

    clicky here! Yeah, you heard that shit right. It's a fucking phosphor filter. You can actually MAKE your old school games look like it was from an actual SDTV!. This filter will single-handedly kick you in the nuts or headbutt you in the ovaries so hard, your future children will feel it...
  17. Reaper man

    One admin leave, another admin enter.

    A lot of you who visit the front page have seen former admin The 9th Sage making rather frequent posts to said front page. Well, he just informed me that he is stepping down, as he is burned out from it all. He'll still be around though, but just as a moderator. With an empty spot for another...
  18. Reaper man

    ok guys, really

    Why the fuck aren't any of you guys on IRC? For fuck sake I even made an announcement and everything. Lillymon and I provide a service where you guys can do and discuss emulation and what have you in real time, and you guys choose to not use it? Reasons. I want them. Now. This includes...
  19. Reaper man

    bsnes v0.055

    bsnes, a Super Nintendo emulator for Windows/Linux was updated today with a very interesting feature, Super Game Boy support! So now you can play your favorite GB/SGB games along with your SNES games (of course). Here is the changelog: added Super Game Boy emulation (thanks to gambatte for the...
  20. Reaper man

    Quake Live

    What its it? A free browser based version of Quake 3 Arena. Does that mean it's flash? No. It uses it's own plugin. It plays just as well as the retail game. Is it fun? Hell yeah it is. Also, it matches you with similarly skilled players, so it's just the right amount of challenge. Should I...
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