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    Twilight Hack for Wii updated for System 3.4

    marcan, the author of the Twilight Hack, has released a new version that doesn't cause the newest system update to crash. Apparently the system update doesn't prevent the hacked save file from copying, but causes Twilight Princess to crash instead - and deletes the save file when the system is...
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    Wii System Update 3.4

    Yet again, Nintendo has released a system update for the Wii that has potentially dire consequences for homebrew applications. System 3.4 causes the following issues: The Twilight Hack 0.1beta1 cannot be copied to the console. PatchMii is now blocked entirely. Rogue channels (such as the DVDx...
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    Wii homebrew jeopardized (again)

    Various sources confirm that the most recent update to the Wii's firmware blocks installing of 'fakesigned' channels on the Wii. This prevents the installation of various utilities required to run homebrew, such as the Homebrew Channel. The current standing suggestion, if you run homebrew on...
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    Snes9xGX v005

    This fantastic SNES emulator for the Wii has been updated to version v005, with a hefty set of changes. What's New 005 michniewski added: Superscope/mouse/justifier support, with Wii remote added: 3 render modes - Original, Filtered, Unfiltered added: widescreen compensation option...
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    PocketNES and Goomba Color updated

    At the behest of Dwedit, the current author of PocketNES and Goomba Color, the aforementioned emulators have been updated. PocketNES is a NES emulator for Gameboy Advance, while Goomba Color is a Gameboy emulator for Gameboy Advance (yes, you read that right). Why would I emulate a Gameboy on...
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    Mini vMac updated to v3.0.4

    Paul C. Pratt has updated his Macintosh Plus emulator. The following changes have been implemented: Fixed the cursor display issue Macintosh II emulation supports multiple screen sizes Macintosh II emulation can now use 8M of memory Macintosh II emulation implements automatic power off at...
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    SNES9xGX v004

    michniewski has released a new version of his branch of the SNES9xGX emulator for the Nintendo Gamecube and Wii. The changes are as follows: [What's New 004] - added: option to disable AA filtering (snes graphics 'crisper', AA now default OFF) - added: mapped zooming and turbo mode...
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    RIN Wii added

    The Gameboy Color emulator RIN, originally written for the PSP, has been ported to the Nintendo Wii by the author, Mirakichi. It has now been added to the Emulators for Nintendo Wii. It should work with the Homebrew Channel. The changelog for the past few versions are as follows, as...
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    eccControlCenter bugfix release: 0.9.8B

    ecc and co. have found some bugs in the 0.9.8 version of eccControlCenter. These will be fixed with this release. Also you can now manage your “Elektor TV Games” in update! You will find the new 0.9.8b release in the DOWNLOAD SECTION of ecc's website. If you want to add multifile support, you...
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    Genesis Plus GX 080716

    Eke-eke has updated Genesis Plus GX, the Sega Genesis emulator for the Wii and Gamecube based on Charles MacDonald's Genesis Plus. New changes include the following: Genesis emulation changes: adjusted (again) HINT timings: fix Double Dragon 2 (game freezed), hopefully does not break anything...
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    DS85 r3

    David Rorex has updated DS85, a TI-85 emulator for the Nintendo DS. The update includes: Grayscale application support Screen rotation/scaling Timing code changes DLDI support Get it at our DS85 page.
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    snesDS update: version 6/15/2008

    Loopy has recently updated snesDS, a Super Nintendo emulator for the Nintendo DS. There is no changelog, but DLDI support has been added. It can be downloaded from the official homepage, or from our snesDS page.
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    DSMasterPlus added

    DSMasterPlus, a Sega Master System/GameGear emulator for the Nintendo DS by the French-speaking Portabledev team, has been added to the SMS Emulators on DS page. Among other things, it includes: DLDI support Directory browsing Pro Action Replay code support Compatibility status reporting via...
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    Snes9xGX LoPsT version 3.1

    Snes9xGX, an emulator for the Super Nintendo on the Nintendo Wii, has been updated to include the LoPsT version. Snes9xGX LoPsT 3.1 adds additional functionality for the Wii, including: Support for two Wiimotes Support for the Classic Controller Support for the Nunchuck Returning to the system...
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    DS Mega-Update

    In an effort to get things up-to-date, the following emulators written for the DS have been added/updated. Added CrocoDS, an Amstrad CPC emulator. Updated StellaDS with version 0.71. Added Chip8me, a Chip-8 emulator. Added PenkoDS, an MSX2 emulator. Updated FMSX with version 0.06. Updated...
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