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  1. Rattlehead

    Piracy poll

    Read the question.
  2. Rattlehead

    Site hosting

    Hey everyone, it's been a long time since I last logged on. I've just been busy with a new job and finishing up high school (...about damn time!) Anyway, on to my question... I'm working at an independently-owned restaurant now, which is awesome, 'cuz my boss (and the store owner) is a totally...
  3. Rattlehead

    Help with my shitty cell phone

    Okay, can anyone help me with this? I have a Moto Q smartphone, and for some odd reason, it won't all. The original wall charger I used (which came with my old RAZR) finally gave up the ghost, so I decided to try to charge it via a USB connection to my computer, which according to...
  4. Rattlehead

    Mental health

    I've been really depressed lately (more so than usual), and I'm just wondering... How many of you have been diagnosed (by a professional) with any mental health issues, or whatever you want to call them? If you have been diagnosed, what were you diagnosed with? What do you do to help control...
  5. Rattlehead

    Submitting emulator packages

    How would I go about submitting a ZIP folder that has an emulator, along with all of the optional plug-ins? You can record movies in ZSNES, but you have to download several codecs and plug-ins in order to dump the recorded movies to disk. Finding all of the stuff was a major pain in the ass, so...
  6. Rattlehead

    MIDI conversion?

    Hey, everyone. Long time no see. Anyway, on to my question. Does anyone know of a free conversion utility to export MIDI songs to, say...MP3? I would like to edit a song with Audacity, but the "MIDI importing" in Audacity does jack shit. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out.
  7. Rattlehead

    Radio station clusters piss me off.

    When I say "radio station clusters", I mean when there's four or five radio stations bunched really close together, then one unused radio frequency, and then another four or five stations. What brought it to my attention was that I got a radio transmitter that I can dock my iPod in in my car. I...
  8. Rattlehead

    Help making a GUI for BIN2JPG?

    For those of you who haven't heard of the DOS program BIN2JPG, it's (basically) a tool used for converting snapshots taken during battles in Super Smash Bros. Melee and also Brawl to a not shitty format. Well, it's a shitty picture format, but it works. That's beside the point, though. I'm...
  9. Rattlehead

    School Project help

    So, I'm doing a project for school and decided to poll on the forums. I've gotta ask eight questions about a topic related to U.S. government, and then take the results and break them up into samples based on different factors (they're listed at the end). For each question, even though I'd much...
  10. Rattlehead

    Alright, I'm stuck!

    I'm trying to install (or whatever it's called) FCE Ultra on my Wii, and I'm lost now. I set up the folder hierarchy the way that I needed to (downloaded the Homebrew Channel, downloaded FCEUGC, arranged them into folders correctly, etc.) On the Homebrew Channel's website, it says that I need...
  11. Rattlehead

    Latest music

    So, what song(s)/album(s)/artist(s) have y'all been listening to lately? For me, it's "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" by Daft Punk. Can't get this damned song outta my head!
  12. Rattlehead

    Pirating confessions

    Okay. First off, this ain't a thread for ROM requests, damn it! Second, estimate all of the stuff total. I just wanna get a general idea of what the trend is for media piracy amongst ZD users. When I say piracy, I mean: Music (Any songs. It doesn't have to be an entire album.) Movies...
  13. Rattlehead

    Philosophy in FFV

    When I was replaying through FFV (four years later, I was 13 the 1st time) I kinda understand Exdeath's reasoning for being so pissed at everyone. I mean, it's much like today. We (the majority of humans) metaphorically rape and scar the planet without even thinking twice about it, and it can't...
  14. Rattlehead

    PS2 Enhancments on FFVIII

    I'm wondering if anyone has ever noticed a diff when using the PS1 enhancements on Final Fantasy VIII, accessed via the PS2 menu. I can really notice a diff when using the 'fast load' option, but the 'smooth graphics' option...meh. Anyone care to help me out?
  15. Rattlehead

    Goddamn Ike...

    You can have it back,, honestly. We're getting pounded by it in Northwest Arkansas, and it's pretty heavy. Something of note is that I'm saying this after going a few weeks without any significant rainfall, so I probably just sound like a weak chicken-shit. But, still...
  16. Rattlehead

    New Sony hardware revealed

    Sony announced recently that it will be releasing a plethora of new PS3 and PSP models in a few months. The new hardware includes: PS3 w/a 160GB hard drive, along with a copy of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, a PSN download voucher for PAIN, and a wireless DualShock 3 controller. It will roll out...
  17. Rattlehead

    Help with gas mileage

    I have a '95 Ford Explorer that gets bullshitty gas mileage, and I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on how to make the mileage suck less. Oh, it's a V6 engine. If any more details are needed, feel free to ask.
  18. Rattlehead

    Smash Bros. Brawl - Custom stages are bullshit.

    Is it just me, or is the only way to make a not shitty stage is by making a CD/Sticker Pit Stage? It's pretty much all due to the fucking buffer zones on the stage pieces.
  19. Rattlehead

    Helps me with teh iPodz!

    I recently had to COMPLETELY reinstall Windows onto my computer. I decided that Vista is a load of shit, so I downgraded (read:upgraded) to Windows XP. If I install iTunes and sync my iPod (it's a 6th Gen--Classic) will all of my songs and videos be deleted off of my iPod? I've got a crapload of...
  20. Rattlehead

    Well, shit.

    I accidentally semi-bricked my compy by uninstalling an OS. Now the only way that I can make it useable again is those goddamn recovery CDs. What's funny about that is that the Windows Vista HP recovery CD wouldn't run at boot-up, like it's supposed to, while a Windows XP Gateway recovery CD ran...
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