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    Show your desktop

    Lets show our desktops. Here's mine, it's Antergos and that second browser on the panel is Download Them All running in Waterfox downloading 8.2 GB centOS ISO, and of course GIMP to take the screenshot. I was using windows 10 but it was shit so I have Antergos and Mint Cinnamon on the drive now...
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    security threat

    Not saying it is a security threat first off. Now here's what happened. I was on and McAffe scanner pops up as scheduled and scans the PC. I get one warning under web threats and it says is a security threat. I ignore it of course but it may be time to send an email off...
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    Fed Reserve corruption *this is real*

    Just read this and it'll probably disappear soon and I know I haven't been around a lot but this is a place where people go and are smart enough to realize what this is and could mean. Only posted the entire story so in case the page itself disappears or is blocked you will still be informed. PS...
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    Miyamoto interested in making SMW 3D

    Not a video but along the lines of what Lillymon posted and something many here would like to see happen. Huuur duuur I'm going to post something in an official youtube thread that isn't a fucking video, DERP! Miyamoto interested in 3ding Super Mario World There is an ad...
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    Taliban suicide school for kids

    This is just such a lovely video. While watching this video I was thinking they needed kids since these kids wouldn't ask the one question I would first think of and that is. If this is the most honorable way to die for Allah then why haven't these men teaching it done it already...
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    I saw this show Kekkashi last week for the first time on cartoon network. This shows pretty good to and kind of reminds me of Inuyasha in the style in which its made. If you haven't seen it it's on at 12:30 tonight eastern time on cartoon network. I will admit I was kind of pissed that Bleach...
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    I haven't heard of this before but it seems to be something that a lot of people here would enjoy a lot. It's a handheld open source game machine that runs on any flavor of linux and you can play a lot of games including emulators on it...
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    Land sea and air

    This is a must see. Watch this for about a minute. You'll know the part when you see it. If when you get to that part you were surprised then wait another minute or 2 and you'll get another surprise.
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    50 most addictive flash games

    This is a site with links to the most addictive flash games. Pacman is listed and the first game on the list is DOOM. Have fun with this one.
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    some cool software

    Well it's been a while since I've posted some finds I've made on free software but I've been using a few pieces lately that I find are good enough to share. Just type the program names into Google to find the homepages and download or to just get a more thorough description and some screenshots...
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    name that game

    This is a cute online game where you click on area's on the puzzle map and name the game you think it represents. I got a few but I basically sucked at it since I know so few real titles. I imagine though a few people here will kick ass on it. It's probably a one time game but it seems like a...
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    Illegal Immigration

    Well I may be an independent and vote democrat but if they don't start getting this immigration problem under control I'm "shudder" voting republican. I just did some figuring since I can't stop thinking when I get pissed about something. There are estimated 17 million illegal immigrants in...
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    Cool online comic

    I found this online comic a few months ago but never got around to reading it. Well today I did and I'm on page 151 out of 712 and I can't stop reading it. Its not just a simple comic though but a complete story that is still being written. It has magic, mystery, and other cool but strange...
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    Back pain

    Well for the past nearly 20 years I've suffered from mild to severe back pain. I've talked to about a dozen doctors about this. The first time it happened they shot cortisone into my lower back muscles which were having severe muscles spasms at the time they did it. He told me it was probably...
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    A page of consoles

    It's a webpage that is just image/link image of consoles and handhelds. I just posted this since it looks so cool and just puts into proportion how many game systems there have actually been created over the decades. I just kept saying over and over "it must almost be done loading now" and the...
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    Future Timeline

    This is a pretty cool site. It is a prediction site predicting advances in the world that is separated into categories or year, it's up to you. Not a psychic site but a futurist type site and the predictions are detailed, well written, and seem very plausible. I was reading through and realized...
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    30+ Pieces of Inspiring, Funny and Interesting Advice

    WTF? The General Chat area of the forums has been absolutely void of activity for a few days now. Well I guess I'll post just so there will be some thing new to read. This I thought I should share since it contains many absolute truths no matter who you are or where you live. Some I knew but...
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    Firefox addons

    Found some decent addons lately that I want to let people know are pretty cool or useful. Personas - This addon changes the look of Firefox by adding a skin to it. You can make your own by just choosing an image also. Unlike themes these skins can be changed on the fly with full previews. Not...
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    Sweet sword

    Nice Zelda sword. I usually don't care for swords but this is pretty cool.
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    Game like robotron and it's fun as hell. It's also flash based. Been playing like a 1/2 hour and died a few times already and it's still fun. :)
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