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  1. Zophar interviews Zophar

    I recently sat down with Bob from for an interview podcast for the first time since returning to the community. Check it out here:
  2. Zophar

    Celebrating 25 years of NESticle: 342KB that changed emulation forever

    NESticle turned 25 years old this week! it's hard to believe that so much time has past since this tiny piece of NES emulation software (NESticle.exe 0.20 was just 342 KB!) exploded onto the scene on Thursday, April 3, 1997. I wanted to take a moment to thank Icer Addis for his contributions to...
  3. Zophar

    Zophar returns... with retro streaming!

    Greetings to the Domain! I hope you all have been staying healthy and safe during these past few years. I'm very happy to see the site still here over 25 years since its founding on November 9, 1996. I could never have imagined all these years later the impact it would end up having! I just...
  4. Zophar

    Icer Addis releases SNESTicle source code!

    Greetings! I have not posted emulation news in a very long time, but thought it important to let you all know that Icer Addis ("Sardu of NESticle/Genecyst/Callus fame) has released the long-rumored SNESticle source code on GitHub yesterday. For those who may not remember or may not have been...
  5. Zophar

    Happy Birthday ZD!

    Hard to believe it's been 24 years. Happy birthday ZD!
  6. Zophar

    Consider retro design? I rather miss that look... :) Maybe what's needed to give the site a little kick is to "re-retro" the retro?
  7. Zophar

    Dead Links

    I know, I know, it's weird for me to be making a suggestion, right? But.... there are quite a few dead links on the main page of, specifically under "hosted sites"... probably not a bad idea to clean those up? :)
  8. Zophar

    Can't believe it's been over 20 years

    Good evening, all! Haven't been on in a while, but with the 20th anniversary of NESticle upon us, I thought I'd pop in and say hi. What's everyone been up to?
  9. Zophar

    11-9-96...13 years later and still here!

    Hey everyone, I know I don't drop by very often but, at least for me, 13 has always been a lucky number. I'm really glad to see the site is still around - though leadership has changed many times over the years and the site has gone through a lot of changes and facelifts, typing in the words...
  10. Zophar

    The sad state of my computer, where've I been?

    Hello all, So yup... my computer took a poop on me a little while back. Finally back up and running - being a manager really sucks during the holidays - especially when Circuit City goes bankrupt at the conclusion of the holidays and therefore the holidays don't really end in January! Looking...
  11. Zophar

    SNESAmp 3.3.4 for Winamp

    Although this was updated a few months ago by the author, Alpha-II Productions, we are in the process of getting back to speed. So, here is what has changed in this excellent Super Nintendo SPC music player: Fixed bad strings getting written to the XID6 tag SNESAmp 3.3.4 can be downloaded at...
  12. Zophar

    ScummVM rev 33789 for Wii released

    A brand new version of the LucasArts SCUMM language simulator has been released for the Wii. This simulator lets you play classics such as "The Curse of Monkey Island (tm)", "Broken Sword", and more. Here's what's new in this release: proper fullscreen video mode multiple graphic modes with...
  13. Zophar

    Why I'm voting....

    republican. View this site and its video first before responding. Thanks! :)
  14. Zophar

    ScummVM rev 33083 Wii release added

    For some reason, we haven't gotten around to adding this excellent new release of dhewg's excellent LucasArts ScummVM simulator. This program allows you to play many of LucasArts (and a few other companies) old point-and-click games, such as "The Secret of Monkey Island (tm)" and "Sam n Max Hit...
  15. Zophar

    SMSPlus 1.3 v071508 for Wii added

    Apologies for not getting around to this sooner. About 3 weeks ago, eke-eke released his second update to Charles McDonald's excellent Sega Master System / GameGear emulator for the Wii. eke-eke has added the following changes to his new 071508 version: [SMS, GG] added an option to disable...
  16. Zophar

    Chippy Pre-Release version 2

    Greetings, mortals. Welcome to the domain! Heh heh. I have added iamabe's excellent Chip-8 emulator for the Wii (and the only one at the moment). Chip-8 is an interpreting language used on some earlier computers from the 1970s to allow video game programming to be easier to do. Here's what...
  17. Zophar

    The official list of Zophar's Domain web addresses, from 1996 to present

    Hey everyone, I posted this somewhere else but I thought I'd clear this one up. I've received lots of questions around exact web locations for ZD over the years. This should clear it up. With the exception of the geocities date and URL, I can verify this 100%. Here goes...
  18. Zophar

    Famicompo Mini Vol. 5 NSF Competition

    Gil-Galad has stumbled upon a really neat website (in japanese) which talks about an upcoming NSF (NES music format) competition. Here's a brief synopsis: As of August 01, 2008 the anual Famicompo Mini Vol.5 has began. For those that don't know, the Famicompo Mini is a Family Computer (NES)...
  19. Zophar

    Project 1986 v.0.1.1

    I have the pleasure of announcing (as my first news post in eight years!) a new version of Snake's Project 1986! v.0.1.1 of this brand-new NES emulator incorporates the following changes: Fixed bug with SDL Detection. Fixed bug with rendering on surface. Fixed bug with cpu initialization...
  20. Zophar

    Hilarious review of "DickDug" (and Babymaker)... mature audiences only!

    You need to go here immediately... Words can't express the hilarity of this review. I think the review is actually more interesting and funny than the hack itself! Keep in mind this is a 10-year-old hack but... this really breathes new life into it...
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