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    Hyper street kart 1.7

    I made another major update to Hyper street kart. I would like to put the ips on this site but I have a delema. Hyper street kart has a problem when making changes and fails when changes are made. I found a work arround to get my updates working. The problem is my IPS patch has to be applied to...
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    Snes Super Mario Kart beta testers wanted

    Snes N64 Super Mario Kart needs testers All are welcome. I will upload IPS file as soon as this starts to get replies. Just need feedback good and bad. Will be posting 2 versions with slightly different maps. Which will be detailed when the IPS patch is posted. Need opinions upon GP and battle...
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    Hyper Street Kart update 2018

    This hack was amazing when it came out but had numerous problems such as out of bounds in the middle of a snow track literately in the middle of the road. Also Chung Li beach had a broken AI. The cool looking battle maps were amazing looking with drastic problems. Not enough ? boxes causes them...
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    IPS file submissions

    Just a question as to why most sites have more rom hacks over this one. I know this site nolonger allows full roms or full rom hacks but what about the patches this site offers. It seems to be seriously lacking. I like this site quite alot and it seems to have some obscure hacks patch files the...
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    Rom hack submission editing

    I submitted as hack for super mario kart but forgot to add the read me file. This read me file is absolutely required because it is not a normal patch. My rom hack requires 2 patches and needs that explanation, otherwise the game will run with a single normal patch which can load and get threw...
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    Snes Super mario kart 64

    putting together a map set of super mario kart 64 for the snes. Here is a video. Please excuse the sound issie I need to do up a better one. Just take a look at the maps. Note these maps are maps from other hacks that were previously unplayable do to impossible AI...
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