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  1. mushroom blue


    so linux is a thing. while we have 2% of the market share on desktop PC's, Linux has somehow become an ecosystem where you don't feel like you have to make many sacrifices to use anymore. Steam and SteamOS are things that use linux now, and there are over 2,000 commercial games for linux...
  2. mushroom blue

    Meaning of words

    so once I got a copy of a law dictionary (using Black's 1-7th atm), I started looking up all sorts of common words. People: plural of "person". person: an actor's face mask; a representation of a man or woman in the fictional world. constitutor: one who passes off his debt to a third party...
  3. mushroom blue

    how I miss ToTT.

    no matter how long I leave, it always feels like home when I return.
  4. mushroom blue

    home automation server

    so I recommissioned my desktop PC as a home server. slapped a new install of Ubuntu on the disk, and put it under the stairs in my basement. now I have a nice big hard drive I can store stuff on, and now massive powerful PC's aren't necessary in my house anymore. I download all my...
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