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    FTP Access?

    Hi Edman (and Zophar, glad to see you back in here). I was chatting with someone on a discord forum, and nostalgia kicked in. He was trying to find a very old pasofami (nes emu) version, and it ocurred to me that ZD might have it, even if it is not linked on any page. Why FTP access you ask? I...
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    Messed up header...

    Am I the online one who can't click the Windows/DOS and the Unix/Linux header under Firefox? The php/html for the logo has been badly coded (probably to accommodate the ads) and it currently overlaps the section as noted in the following screenshot: Note that the blue colored square is what...
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    So I guess...

    The staffers started to use an Idea I had proposed when I was a staffer here (and that idea generated some fighting back :mad: :mad: then when I suggested it). Now I see you have a Newsposters by Area. Funny how things get to be, eh? :retardedlol:
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    USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST (a.k.a. my €0.02 that noone asked for)

    Like most of us care... if he was banned because he was spamming why let the spam stay and just add <USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST> ? Why not just soft-delete it so that other mods\admin can see why the post was deleted and the user banned? Do you need to show that you can ban people? Not like...
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    PYP Thread! Must see! L@@K! Can't Miss!

    Hello. Since I got your attention, welcome to the one and only ZD Post Your Pic Thread. The thread where the only thing to do is ... guess... *drums rumbling* Post a photo of yourself! and wait for the *cough* marvellous comments that are going to follow *cough* *audience is surprised* So...
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    Collection of Old Staff PersoIcons

    I just wandered thru the dozens of archives that the web archive has of and while I was doing it, I saved all the icons that old staff member used when they were newsposting. Here they are: linky
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    I'm a normal user again :) hurray for edman! :P (now, srsly! Thanks Edman!)
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    Your System Setup [HARDWARE]

    Hi. I got the idea from the Your System Setup thread made by Cornellius. Also, I've always been more of a hardware type of guy... If you got more than two systems please include them in the same post. You can throw a pic as well (not a screenshot, an actual photo) if you'd feel like doing it...
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    Warehouse No.18 English Translation

    Our own Gil-Galad has provided the emulation scene with a new translation, this time for a russian "pirate" game called Warehouse no.18. Here's what he said: Note, that you can also get it at our Translation section here at ZD. Thanks to Gil-Galad for letting us know and for the translation...
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    JMEBoy & PicoDrive/GP32 Added

    Notaz, a known coder from the GP32 Scene, has ported the Genesis Emulator PicoDrive for the GP32 and recently he updated his port to 1.5.1. Changes in this version: [/list] Also Joerg Jahnke has released an updated version of JMEBoy. JMEBoy is a Java-based Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulator...
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    bsnes 0.033 released!

    bsnes, one of the best SuperNES emulators out there (which is also multi-platform) has been updated to 0.033 (Windows port only). New in this version is the SPC7110 support, which renders graphics packs useless (where they were previously required for games like Far East of Eden Zero or FEoEZ...
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    NullDC added to the database!

    NullDC, a very promising Dreamcast emulator for Windows, has been added to the database. The latest version already runs a lot of games with none or few glitches at all, so keep your eyes posted on this one! You can get more info about it and the download link on our new nullDC section here at...
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    Project 1986 0.1.0

    Project 1986 or simply 1986, is a brand new NES emulator coded by Snake. Version 0.1.0 is the first one to be released to the public. Snake said he's interested in bug reports and construtive criticism, so if you give his emulator a try, be sure to send him an e-mail! You can grab it and see...
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    3 Nintendo DS Homebrew Updated

    I've just updated 3 new homebrew for the Nintendo DS. The updated files are: NitroTracker 0.4 - A Fasttracker II Style Tracker - More Info \ Download Game Trivia Catechism - A multiple-answer trivia game - More Info \ Download Explosive Gas v0.8 - A game similar to Bomberman - More Info \...
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    Basilisk II for PSP 1.1.0

    Basilisk II for PSP, a port of the Open-Source 68k Macintosh Emulator for the Sony PlayStation Portable was updated by it's author, J.F (aka Chilly Willy). Here's what's new on this version: To extract 7zip archives, you'll need WinRAR or 7-zip You can get the new version over at our...
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