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    How hard would it be to patch a FDS game using the official English NES translation?

    Let's say we we're to dump the NES Zelda 1 text and patch it on the FDS ROM or something like that? Thanks
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    Applying a translation patch to an actual SFC cart, is it possible?

    Hi there, After using emulation for over 11 years, I recently went retro crazy and starting buying old game systems and carts on eBay. My only problem (besides my upcoming credit card bill) is the fact that the Japanese games that I bought won't have to nice translation patches that my ROMs...
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    List your Top 3 N64 Emulators

    By Top 3, I mean the best speed, less bug and more compatibility Thx
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    Well I'll be....

    Amazing, I was googling to see if a dump for a Wonderswan game had finally been dump and one of the results was Zophar's Domain, but with a nice face lift. I can't express the joy of seeing this site alive again. Emulation as been part of my life for a decade now, in fact, this summer marks the...
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