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    Goodbye Everyone

    I don't really want to cause drama, but a few people might wonder what happened to me, so here goes... I'm just going to say that I'm unlikely to be coming around much anymore. If anyone sees this (especially the old guard) it was nice knowing you.
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    Best NSF player for Winamp

    I've been using NotSoFatso, but the version I have has a debug window that opens with Winamp, and I'm getting kind of tired of that, so I'm looking for decent NSF player plug-in suggestions for Winamp. Accuracy is key here, though if it has nice features like NotSoFatso's psudeo stereo, that's...
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    Obligitory Super Mario Galaxy 2 thread

    I just want to say "Yay! Super Mario Galaxy 2!" So far it easily seems as creative and awesome as the first game was, and I can also tell it's going to be HARDER, which is a good thing to me. Also, Yoshi and his little drum beat rules. He's already used better than in New Super Mario Bros...
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    X-Box controller emulator

    I was wondering if such a thing was possible, and I happened to find out about it today. The person here here has made something that allows usage of other kind of controllers on games that expect (and only work with) an X-Box controller. Click the link at the bottom (Xinput emu) and get...
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    Increased Capacity DS Lite batteries

    I was just thinking about this...I thought I remembered hearing about a DS Lite battery with increased capacity some time ago. Has anyone here heard of this or used such a thing? Unfortunately, most batteries on the internet tend to be advertised as such but usually have less capacity going by...
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    Super Mario Crossover

    I just discovered this: It's basically Super Mario Bros, but with a choice of other popular Nintendo characters, all of who play differently in significant ways than Mario does. :) It's pretty neat. Some are quite an adjustment, since you expect...
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    What games are you playing lately?

    I was thinking about this, and decided to ask you all what games you've been playing lately. I guess I'll list some stuff (I have way too much right now, have kind of an overload since my PC was messed up for a while and I couldn't play PC games well). Guess I just feel like talking about...
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    Cave Story coming out on Wiiware tommorow in NA (also, a way to win a copy)

    I don't know if anyone is anticipating Cave Story's release in the US on Wiware Monday like I am, but Nicalis is giving out free copies of it as you'll find out here. If you have a Wii, you really need to play the game, especially if you've not played the PC version, though it has a bunch of...
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    No More Heroes 2's Final Boss (chime in, toughest game bosses?)

    Has anyone played this game and beaten him? It has to easily be one of the hardest bosses I've ever fought in a game. He' put it nicely...really god damn cheap with his hard to avoid attacks. I guess it's not entirely cheap since you can avoid them, but it's very very difficult to do so...
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    Occasional stutter on Flash Video (Youtube) and Netflix

    Has anyone else experienced this? Doesn't seem to be my CPU...I've a Quad core setup here. I don't *think* it's my great and turning off hardware acceleration didn't help Flash any (it's a Radeon HD 5750 for anyone wondering). Also, I have Verizion FiOS, so it shouldn't be my...
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    Anyone following the new update to Portal?

    It's pretty mysterious....there's a new achievement. I noticed it as soon as I started playing, the radios in game are different. you need to take any one that you find around the level with you and eventually you find a spot with static and with some luck, a message that's evidently morse...
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    Yay computer problems!

    Ok, so for those who don't remember, which is probably all of you, I've had this problem for a while now where my CPU and GPU evidently lose communications with each other (on the desktop this means I get a VPU recovery error, with Windows telling me in different words that the GPU had a problem...
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    Stepping down

    I should probably make a post about this as I'm sure some of you are going to be wondering about it. I'm stepping down as an admin of this site. I have my reasons why, but I'd rather not get into it here (if I know you feel free to PM me if you're curious). I'm certainly not angry with anyone...
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    nGlide v0.91

    We are a bit late in posting this, but the Glide Wrapper called nGlide has been updated. Here's what's new in this version: added support for Sentinel in 800x600 added support for Midnight Racing added partial support for San Francisco Rush The Rock Alcatraz Edition added partial support for...
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I just wanted to wish everyone who celebrates it a happy Thanksgiving Day. I hope you're all stuffed with turkey, and have a lot to be thankful for.
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