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    King of All Geeks

    No, not me, but good guess. Josh Green, the star of the "latest Beauty and the Geek" installment came right out of my department (having started two years after I did). Here is a very disturbing video of him getting down at one of our grad student "parties"...
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    If you can't do a Wookiee planet...

    ...then don't do anything at all. Tell this to your children. Don't repeat the mistakes of the past. <P ID="signature"></P>
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    mFC and teh birthday!

    Chris is, in fact, the man. <img src=smilies/thumb.gif>
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    Playing Breath of Fire II (SNES) for the first time...

    ...and damn, this may be the worst completed game translation I've ever seen. Professional my ass, every ROM hacker hosted on ZD could do a better job than Capcom did.
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    Which of the major doomsday scenarios do you consider the most probable? Here's a partial list off the top of my head: - Nuclear holocaust - Killer Disease - Celestial Event (like an impact) - Alien Invasion - Economic Collapse - Earth-based Natural Disaster (like the Yellowstone volcano)...
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    Best Two-Player Games for XBOX

    Any suggestions? Don't suggest that I get another system; it's the only one available to us. If it were up to me, we'd have a Gamecube or PS2.
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    Summer Adventures

    So what do y'all have planned for this summer? I have a crazy summer of conferencing and vacations planned. The plus side is that I get out of New Jersey, the downside is that I hate planes. My travels will be taking me to Gainesville, FLA - trip w/friends and chance to see everglades...
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    test <P ID="signature"></a></P>
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    Science and Pretty Pictures

    I gave a talk recently and the slides had some nice pictures that you guys might appreciate. Here's the power point file (very large):</a> For those who don't want to bother with that, I'll give a quick summary and some examples...
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    Characterize Your Brain

    I thought</a> survey was interesting. I don't know how much faith I have in the science behind it, but it was an interesting bit of self-exploration, if nothing else. I completed most of the tasks rather easily, except for the...
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    Argh! Will the endian madness ever...

    So I spent the past few hours trying just read this output file from a simulation that one of my colleagues had run. "Why would that take a few hours?", you may ask. Well, I'll tell you. What I had was a 1.5 GB file that had been written in fortran (unknown version) and the following block of...
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    Recent political events have gotten me thinking about this word. It's thrown around a lot in the American media, probably because we fancy ourselves to be full of it. But what does it really mean and why would we want it? If asked whether I wanted the freedom to do whatever I wanted without...
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    If I see another smarmy Christmas movie with a cheap happy ending...

    ...I'm going to wretch: Man shoots nurse at convalescent home PERRIS, California (AP) -- An 87-year-old man visiting a family member at a convalescent home allegedly shot a nurse in the face Friday after he became angry about the care the relative was receiving, authorities said. The nurse...
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    Apologies all around... Everybody</a> <P ID="signature">---- "And dreams may come That are everlasting Though all just plastic too..." </P>
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    Words of Confidence from our President

    "I think it is fair to say that I believe we've got a great chance to establish a Palestinian state." This isn't meant as Bush-bashing, I just thought it was kinda funny. Can't fault him for his honesty, I guess. <img src=smilies/magbiggrin.gif> <P ID="signature">---- "And dreams may come...
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