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    It's Caption Time, again...

    <center></center> <center>But honey...I swear....the condom broke...</center> <P ID="signature"></P>
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    My Nintendo DS is not switching into GBA mode

    I don't know what the hell happened, but I was able to run the GBA mode in my DS even with no slot 2 cart in it. Now after I inserted my new ez flash 3 in stopped doing it and I can't get to boot in gba anyone? <P ID="signature"></P>
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    Attachments don't work

    Here...I'll try it again... <P ID="signature"></P>
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    I said PREPARE TO DIE! <P ID="signature"></P>
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    Missing posts

    What happened between 9/25-10/17? Swamp? <P ID="signature"></P>
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    DD-WRT... is all... <P ID="signature"></P>
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    CPS 3 Encryption Broken! Game over, Capcom <img src=smilies/laff.gif> <P ID="signature"></P>
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    Angry German Kid I LOL'd. <P ID="signature"></P>
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    Firefox finally getting the same adware as IE?

    So this morning I decided to use the spanking new qemu 0.9.0 which I can see an improvement in speed and all good things. However, something very odd happened. I have a "frozen" snapshot image of Windows XP on the VM (last modified in Sep 06) and I usually boot that up to test qemu. Well, I...
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    Hey Audigy.. the X-Fi really that good? <P ID="signature"></P>
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    The price is Kaz ROLFCOPTER <P ID="signature"></P>
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    Hentai, but so FUCKING Funny (NSFW)

    <s></s> I think I cried laughing so hard at this! This is one of those hentai manga turned into a flash with a voiceover. <P ID="signature"></P><P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by SirDaShadow on 09/21/06...
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    What is wrong with people and the Wii?

    All I hear is whining about the price being WITHIN what Nintendo said it was....the controller is too have to pay for the browser. Good lord, quit whining, DON'T BUY IT IF YOU DON'T WANT IT! <P ID="signature"></P>
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    QEMU Frontend

    For those who give a damn about QEMU, I don't like none of the frontends that are available so I'm making one. Right now it looks a bit spartan but it should get better over are a few screenshots <center></center> <P ID="signature"></P>...
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    Windows emulated faster than the real thing.

    Ok, while I was playing with qemu (PC emulator) I think I saw the light, so bear with me, I'm not too versed on this subject but something just hit me pretty hard. Basically, imagine if QEMU or any other pc emulator/virtualizer or whatever would take advantage of multi-core processing. You...
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