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    Nintendulator Updated 0.985 Beta (2022/08/09)

    Now that is an emulator that I haven't heard of in years. Didn't know it was still active.
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    SheepShaver - 2022-07-12

    Then I would figure out a way to run it on an OS that doesn't fucking suck.
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    Are people still alive in here ?

    I check the forums once in a blue moon, such as today.
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    SheepShaver - 2022-07-12

    Why anyone would want to run such trash is beyond me.
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    NES rom expansion (tutorials)

    Holy thread necromancy, batman.
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    I am on a quest to find a missing song

    Are you sure it's from a game?
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    Best Python Courses

    Personally, I taught myself for the most part, but to be fair, I wouldn't call myself an expert, just knowledgeable to get done what I need to get done. I'm sure the official site has plenty of resources to help you get started.
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    MacBook RomHacking tools

    Get a computer that doesn't fucking suck.
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    This new forum interface is fucking ugly.

    If I recall correctly, lots of eye-searing white.
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    Official introductions thread

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    PS3 emulator RPCS3 now available on Mac

    Fucking disgusting...
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    Tutorial: using a debugger to figure out game mechanics

    If I had to guess, I would bet that there's an array that stores the learned abilities. By getting the IDs of the abilities, you can possibly have some luck searching for the arrays. If not, you would have to set a write breakpoint in the characters inventory. If you'd like, my YouTube channel...
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    Celebrating 25 years of NESticle: 342KB that changed emulation forever

    I could probably get away with it in Colombia.
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    BizHawk v2.8

    They brought sameboy back, those cunts.
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    Save file 101% Donkey Kong 64 (E).eep

    Never owned an everdrive, so I wouldn't know, but it wouldn't shock me that save data formats could vary by region.
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