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    SNES MIDI Remaster Project

    I am pleased to announce that the first complete soundtrack for the SNES MIDI Remaster Project is now online! I have been working on this project for ages. I am remastering soundtracks from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System as GS MIDI Files, and uploading the completed soundtracks as a...
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    Converting Sega Music to multi-track format?

    Your best bet is to use a VGM player or plugin that allows muting of channels and record each channel individually. I just tested out the in_vgm plugin for Winamp, and it does let you do this, but it's not exactly convenient. You have to go in to the plugin configuration and mute channels from...
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    Surprise track end in Super R-Type!

    Got it sorted out. I've added these to the Super R-Type page.
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    Surprise track end in Super R-Type!

    Both Waterfox and Chrome, no dice.
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    Surprise track end in Super R-Type!

    Something's up with their registration. It's not loading the captcha required to finish the process. Feel free to add this on there if you already have an account!
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    What are the specified single letters for SFC files in front of its list number?

    Which games are those from? I have seen some where different versions of the game are combined in to a single rar file, and the tracks from the different versions carry different lettering or numbering. The archive for Super Aleste/Space Megaforce I have contains one file with "s" added in the...
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    Surprise track end in Super R-Type!

    Just found another easter egg in the music! Track 5, A Submerging Titan, at the 8:00 mark, there's a silly little trumpet riff.
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    Surprise track end in Super R-Type!

    So I was playing Super R-Type a few weeks ago, when I died and left the room to go get something to eat. The game sat on the "Continue" screen for a looooong time. Super R-Type track 14, Blast Rock. It loops and loops and loops, then, quite unexpectedly, there is a genuine end to the music...
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    Forums eating posts

    Are the forums just devouring posts now? My last two posts posted fine, one of them got a reply emailed to me, and now they have both vanished, and are also no longer in my watched threads list. It almost seems like at a certain time every day or every few days, the board is just reverting to...
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    Ripping SNES music to midis

    I am trying to make some high quality midis from a few SNES games. (Well, as many Castlevania games as I can, but currently focusing on SNES). I spent the past few days ripping Castlevania 4 using spc2midi English R2. I have a CV4 soundfont that fairly accurately listed the actual (MIDI)...
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    Playing midis on an NES emulator

    Anyone know of a way to play midi files through an NES emulator? I am aware of the differences between the formats, and am hoping to use this to my advantage. I have midi files I need to use for a homebrew game. As is, they have too many channels/notes played at the same time, as well as some...
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    Midi editor to change instruments

    Hey all, I've been looking for a good free midi editor (Windows or web based) to do what I assumed would be a simple task: Change all instances of a particular instrument in a midi file to a new instrument. I generally use Anvil Studio for midi editing, but I have some midi files that were...
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    NES Soundfont help

    I found this awesome NES soundfont (8bitsf.sf2) that I am using with CoolSoft VirtualMIDISynth through Winamp to play my midi files so they sound like awesome NES music. Trouble is, the timpani sounds too...
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    Montie2K's killing it!

    Killing it in a good way. Montie2K's been busting his beans updating all the music archives over the past few months. Just want to let him know I appreciate it! Woot woot! :bigthumbup:
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    Christmas music in games

    Please chime in (a holiday pun!) with songs from video games that are christmasy/wintery. I tried searching google for a while without much luck. I'd like to make myself a decent christmas playlist. Songs I can think of off the top of my head: Lemmings 2 (SNES) - Polar Tribe Banjo-Kazooie...
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