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    Any Genesis emulators with good debuggers?

    SNES9x provides a decent debugger/disassembler for SNES games, and there are plenty of Gameboy and NES emulators which provide the same, but I've yet to see a decent one for the Genesis. I'm looking into the potential for a ripped Genesis music format, but the only emulator which even...
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    Testing whether or not Cornellius can fuck off

    Fuck off, you faux-French canuck. I'm being given shit by this Broadus guy, don't you dare fucking respond to my justified post by telling me to shut up.
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    Look, just ban Broadus already.

    This morning I woke up to these two lovely private messages: Subject: "Oh, Hey" Body: "You're still a dumbass." Subject: "Oh, wait!" Body: "I'm still right and you're still wrong. Dumbass." I shouldn't have to put up with this shit. Not once have I PMed this guy, but he keeps sending me...
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    OMG won't someone think of the children!!!1/1!eone <img src=smilies/headshake.gif> "If made law, the Family Entertainment Protection Act would be a "a prohibition against any business for selling or renting a Mature, Adults-Only, or Ratings Pending game to a person who is younger than seventeen." It...
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    Got Guitar Hero for the PS2? Even if you don't, help me out!

    I'm trying my damndest to figure out how Guitar Hero stores its data, and I feel like I'm close, but I just can't quite figure it out. All of the game's data is stored in a file called MAIN_0.ARK alongside a file called MAIN.HDR. MAIN_0.ARK is about 2.11 gigs in size, and MAIN.HDR contains all...
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    DS Wi-Fi

    I recall at one point that you all were complaining about how Nintendo had touted internet access for the DS but only supported Ni-Fi instead Wi-Fi for getting online. While it still doesn't support Wi-Fi, you are longer allowed to complain</a>.
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    Visual Studio express editions, free for 1 year

    I just noticed a someone saying about only knowing VB6 because it was the only language for which he had a compiler (which isn't strictly true, it's an interpreter). So I figured I'll clue you all in to something you may not know about: The express edition (less features as pro or enterprise...
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    Cure for hangovers found

    Okay, so yeah, I've found the cure for a hangover - exercise. For instance, if you go to a Halloween party, but you get too drunk to drive, so you have some friends drive you to an after-party, and it comes time to go to sleep, and you're relegated to the floor of one of the rooms because both...
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    Yeah, I'm drunk again.

    See, the awesome thing about being drunk is that I think that everything is absolutely awesome. I get all bubbly inside, and I want to socialize with everyone, because stuff is all awesome, nothing can bring me down. So yeah, I'm at this party right now, and there's free alcohol, so I am...
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    An open letter to all who drive

    this letter was inspired by me having to drive all the hell over this apartment complex to find a parking spot that wasn't taken up by the wheels of some jackass. I plan on printing it and beginning to leave it beneath the windshield wipers of drivers that I notice doing it: Dear Immense...
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    Yeah, that was strange.

    In driving home from a get-together, some fucks were stopped right in the fast lane of a 60mph four-lane road. I slammed on the brakes but ended up hitting them at 5-10mph. Not enough for my airbags to go off. I got out of my car and looked at my front end and slapped down my insurance card...
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    I have had too goddamn many vodka and Cokes. I'm sitting here, watching The Incredibles on DVD with a bunch of friends. I'm kind of hearing what they're saying, but it's sort of going in one ear and out the other. I am way too fucked up to drive at the moment, I'm glad there's a couch for me...
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    New Orleans is literally frightening me.

    FEMA have currently suspended rescue efforts in New Orleans due to the sheer chaos, disorder, and danger to the rescuers that is currently posed. People are ransacking businesses and homes, and people are even opening fire on rescue helicopters. This genuinely frightens me. Ingrained human...
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    "A tornado may be heading toward Harrisburg"

    "Beavertown and Hillsburg would be next in line, if this holds together, it may be heading toward the Camp Hill / Harrisburg area in the next thirty minutes." Go stand in a doorway away from windows, Swampy, you big lovable jew. I don't want that ass getting killed before I've gotten to tap...
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