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    RIP Charles Nelson Reilly

    Anybody who has seen Match Game knows who he is. Link. <img src=> <P ID="signature"><center><img src=></center></P>
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    Now thinking about copyright infrigment will send you to jail

    Welcome to the new world, led (mostly) by the RIAA. Nevermind the issues that are poverty, healthcare, and all that nonsense. We need to take on the real problem, movie and music pirates. God fucking damn, what the hell is wrong with the idiots running this place? --Edit-- And let's also not...
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    Happy birthday! <img src=> <P ID="signature"><img src=></P>
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    Happy birthday! Have a good one! <img src=> <P ID="signature"><img src=></P>
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    My room scares small children

    Before you take that out of context.... This is my room, your standard room. Your usual PS2, multi-input switch, SNES, stereo, etc etc. However, my room is a beast at certain times of day. <P ID="signature"><img src=></P>
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    Old people should not drive

    I just came off of I-35 going into town. This offramp is the style where you don't stop, you just keep on going since there is no stop sign. Going both directions is two lanes, so it's fairly open on traffic. About 3 blocks from the offramp is an intersection, and a reguarly used one. I'm about...
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    RIP Steve Irwin, aka the Crocodile Hunter

    Story. I never watched the Crocodile Hunter, but saw his skits on Leno and Conan all the time. Rest in peace, man. <P ID="signature"><center><img src= title="Zidane doesn't like you!"></center></P>
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    Happy birthday wingless!

    Have a good one. <img src=smilies/thumb.gif> <P ID="signature"><center><img src= border=0 title="How Slick are you?"> Slickness factor of 10.</center></P>
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    Unusual spam

    Earlier tonight I found an interesting piece of spam in my spambox... <img src=> I laughed. This is probably the best piece of spam I've ever had mailed to me, snail or electronic. Of course I'm not going to read it, but I'm also going to try and not delete...
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    One giant headache...

    Last night I get home at around 6 pm. Bring the mail in the kitchen, and my grandma is sitting in her stool staring out the window as she normally does. Says she has a question for me. "When you guys play poker, do you play for money?" I came home from my friend norwin's house, of which I spent...
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    Zone Alarm Slow Down Issues

    Jathys was having problems posting this question, so I'm relaying. Zone Alarm Security Suite version 6.0 I have this installed on my parents' computer. It works great, though some things occasionally take longer than they should to open now . . . For instance, bringing up Windows clock took 30...
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    Castlevania: Drum Circle of Ingrown Toenails

    Where's the "wtf" sign? <img src=smilies/cry.gif> Anyway, I was linked to this gem by Dragonsbrethren. Discuss. <P ID="signature"><center><img src= border=0 title="How Slick are you?"> Slickness factor of 10.</center></P>
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    Got myself a Foreman

    Awww yeah. Man, I wish I had bought myself one two years ago. Best $30 spent, that's for sure. This model even has a bun/roll warmer. Seriously, whoever does not have one of these appliances must get one. It is that damn good. <P ID="signature"><center><img...
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    Let the staring contest begin!

    <img src=> Obviously I lose. <P ID="signature"><center><img src= border=0 title="How Slick are you?"> Slickness factor of 10.</center></P>
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    NBC creating news instead of reporting it

    I was watching Jim Rome is Burning, and low and behold I find out that Dateline of all the shows out there, pulled a stunt by reporting that a NASCAR track was denying access to "people who look Muslim." While I don't know the entire story, it was basically an attempt to get ratings. I always...
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