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    Zophar's Domain emulator updates - 2017-09-13

    Updated the following emulators: PPSSPP FCEUX PCSX2 higan OpenEmu More to come. Also, let me know if there are emulators you like that aren't fully up-to-date, and I'll update them.
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    Zophar's Domain emulator updates - 2017-09-12

    Updated the following emulators: PCSX-R (PCSX-Reloaded) Project64 JNES FCEUXD Geiger’s SNES9X with debugger No$GBA More to come shortly.
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    Discord bot for forum RSS feeds?

    Maybe deathspawn should create one of these? (actually we're doing it now; I just need this thread for testing)
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    Zophar's Domain Discord chat

    We're revamping various aspects of the site (and doing some serious content updates), and one of these aspects is social interaction. ZD now has Discord chat: Hope to see you there!
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    Discord chat and Tapatalk for the forums?

    Kind of a two-part suggestion/food for thought: 1. Have we thought about implementing a Discord chat server? It's free, super-easy to configure and manage, and easy to integrate into most forums. 2. Have we thought about installing Tapatalk? It would make it much easier to follow and interact...
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    Old articles and ponderings...

    In case everyone doesn't already know about this, it seems the guys over at have preserved some old articles by ZD staff (Zophar, Reaper, InVerse, the Scribe, etc) here:
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    Blaster ReMaster (Blaster Master ROM hack) released

    Remz Lab are proud to announce the release of their 2nd hack, this time for "Blaster Master". Rediscover the classic NES game as if you were playing it for the first time with these 8 new tank levels! In the original game, the solution for every puzzle was always the longest path, this is no...
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    Several more emulators added to the Android section

    Quite a few more emulators have been added, thanks to a nudge from emusilent: Mini vMac ColEm MSX.emu GBC.emu NGP.emu aLynx DosBox Turbo aDosBox AnDosBox Beebdroid UAE4Droid AnUAE4All CPCDroid cAndy Apple SToid VICE Frodo C64 ScummVM-SDL Xpectoid ZX Marvin - ZX WonderDroid Jrioni Arcade NEO.emu...
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    What does need to update? Please let us know here!

    With hundreds of projects being worked on across the globe, there's no way's staff can cover every square inch of emulation, all the time. We need you, the members, to let us know what needs to be updated. Respond to this thread whenever you see something that should be added to the...
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    Several video game system emulators added to the Android section

    The Android section is now mostly up to date. Please let us know if there's anything else we should add. Emulators added: Ataroid fmsx N64oid GBCoid GameBoid iNES Nesoid SNesoid Gensoid Gearoid FPse psx4droid Please note that some of these emulators are not free, so we're unable to provide...
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    GSHI 10th Anniversary Contest!

    We're now closing in on the 10th anniversary of GSHI, and, on July 10th, we will begin the tournament :) This year, there will be three events: 1. Hacking Competition - Hackers will test their mettle in a hacking challenge utilizing an emulator. A link to the emulator and required ROM will be...
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    Project Artemis - PS2 hacking system in development

    For some time now, GSHI and select members of the scene have been working, in secret, on something tentatively called Project Artemis: a PS2 hacking system. Details, and the original thread, can be found here: Apologies to Zophar staff if this seems too...
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    GSHI 9th Anniversary Contest!

    Reading through the forums, I wasn't sure where to throw this topic, so I took the leap and posted it here. I completely understand if the thread gets moved, however. [copied and pasted from the original thread on GSHI]: As you (should) know, GSHI is having a 9th Anniversary Contest, as sort...
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