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    Someone tried to hack my account...

    So, i got an email from less than a month ago that said they someone had tried to hack into my account on here. The email said tried logging into the account, but that they'd failed, entering the wrong password up to 5 times and had been locked out for 15 minutes. Has this happened happened to...
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    Hellooo Againz!

    Hey guys! I finally have access to a computer again, and I remembered my username! yay! So much crap has happened in the past year, too. ugh.
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    Playing guitar

    I have been playing guitar for about 6 years now, and I am looking for harder songs to play. I can play stuff like the Beatles, house of the rising sun, Space Oddity, some Sublime stuff, Nirvana, some Bob Seger, and junk along those lines. Just basic chord progressions and what not. I just don't...
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    Have you guys ever heard of this site?

    So I was doing some research for a book I'm writing, and I came across this website. Granted, it has nothing to do with what I was looking up, but my god, it surprised me. In my opinion, it's ridiculous. I'm not sure, but it sure looks like these folks believe this malarkey...
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    Mother fucking Vista & Micrsoft Word

    Fucking A man. I swear. For some reason the computer keeps telling me to put in the 25 key code in order to run it. I tried putting the code in that on the bottom of the laptop to no avail. Why you piece if shit?! Some one please help me!? I have looked all over the internet, and they want me...
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    I just had the most bizzare dream ever.

    Sorry about the length guys, but it was one of the weirdest dreams I've had in a loooong time. I was hanging around at my mom's house, and I heard a loud engine buzzing sound, so I ran outside, and Amelia Earhart had landed her plane on the roof of their house. I ran inside to get my dad, and...
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    Art if you got it!

    I am really bored, and I drew this awesome zombie picture... Although I can't load it up now, here are some others I have drawn. You guys should post some as well if you got it. I figured you guys can be critiques too. Good and bad feed back would be awesome. As far as some background goes, I...
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    Rant about HUMANS

    Here you go, guys. A thread that I'm making so people can rant about human nature. That is if you want. I guess, try to keep your personal insults to a minimum. :) What do you guys think is wrong with the human species?
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    Terraforming Mars-- are we really running out of space?

    So, here I am watching the History Channel, and there is a show on about terraforming Mars. Really? now there are the people out there who believe that people will just pollute it, and destroy it like they have on Earth. Although I would think that terrafoming mars would be the opposite. They...
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    HALO and Left 4 Dead on PS3? B/S?

    It sounds like a load of shit to me. My friend just got this message from someone: "PS3 is releasing HALO & L4D BETA KEY if the playstation community cooperates and sends this to 1,000,000 players all messages will be traced by the PSN community manager pass it on!!! I doubt this, but if not...
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    TimeSplitters 4

    Does anyone know anything at all about the release of this game? I got the itch for an awesome first person shooter, and it's high time they came out with this damned game!
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