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    Inacccessible Accepted Hack

    Hi, guys. Thanks for accepting my COVID Trek hack. It's an Atari 2600 hack of the game Defender, and there was no option for selecting that system when submitting, so it posted a bit funny after acceptance. It's currently sitting in My Hacks as part of the Gameboy section, mainly because I...
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    URL and Downlad Data Questions

    Hi. Couple quick questions... 1) First time posting a hack to Zophar's Domain (COVID Captives series), so thanks for accepting them! Is there a tracking tool used to determine/display number of downloads? 2) I can access the Gameboy hack Retro COVID Captives through the direct URL, but it...
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    [HELP] Streets of Rage 2 Title Screen Hacking Questions

    Hi. I'm currently experimenting with hacking title screens for Genesis, specifically Streets of Rage 2, so I'm looking for someone with Genesis assembly experience to provide a little guidance. I don't have much Genesis hacking experience, as I've spent the last few summers working with the...
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    Help Request: Sound Pointer Table Location

    Hello, all. I'm currently dabbling with a proof-in-concept for the SNES game, NBA Jam TE. I'm not versed in SPC / sound editing for the SNES, so I'm hoping someone might take me up on the request below. Tl;dr version: Looking for help finding the pointer table in the SNES ROM, NBA Jam -...
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    [HELP] Specific ROM Hacking Questions

    Hello. I've been working on a personal hack of NBA JAM TE for SNES and have gotten about as far as my understanding of hex codes and tiles will get me. There are a few nice additions I'd like to make to my ROM if I can figure out how (credit to be given in the ROM obviously to anyone who can...
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