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    New PS2 Emulator On Android

    More info was released, including its official name "AetherSX2" Here's Taki Udon's review and some game play. It's looking great if you ask me! GitHub link...
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    New PS2 Emulator On Android

    In this video we discuss the new PS2 Emulator heading to Android. I am hoping this is actually real. :unsure: Source: More info about PS2 Emulation on Android:
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    DOSBox-X 0.83.19 released

    Popular DOS emulator DOSBox-x has been updated to 0.83.19. Check out the release notes below for a list of changes in this version. DOSBox-X is available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS platforms. You can download the latest release from the projects's GitHub, or from the official site...
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    RPCS3 Will Now Boot Every Game Ever Released On PS3

    Earlier today the RPCS3 team tweeted: "We're delighted to announce that RPCS3 now has a total of ZERO games in the Nothing status! This means that all known games and applications at least boot on the emulator, with no on-going regressions that prevent games from booting. We look forward to...
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    Yuzu And Ryujinx Switch Emulators Run Metroid Dread On Day 1

    Switch OLED confirmed hacked Chinese youtuber “Youkan Papa” has showcased the Switch OLED running Hekate perfectly (video below), using what seems to be the Team Xecuter modchip. It’s not entirely surprising that Hekate runs on the OLED Switch, as support for the latest Switch console had been...
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    Yuzu And Ryujinx Switch Emulators Run Metroid Dread On Day 1

    [video] You can Download the Yuzu Switch emulator on their official download page here. You can download ryujinx here. Source
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    Surprise track end in Super R-Type!

    What browser are you using? Try A different browser.
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    Zophar's Domain Updates
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    Format Issue YouTube video shows up in the post, but not on the main home page.
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    Running Emulators With The Edge Browser On The XBOX Series S

    Thanks to the updated Edge Browser for the XBox Series S | X consoles, you can access a vast list of emulators in the browser and you DO NOT need your XBox to run in developer mode. In this episode we take a closer look at what's possible, and how well it performs in practice.
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    Spine PS4 Emulator v.20210901 (PS4 Emulator For Linux)

    Developer SpineDev has published an update to his PS4 Emulator Spine. The update "fixes a bug that wouldn't let the executable run if /dev/shm was marked as no-exec". Spine PS4 Emulator: new version released
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    Zophar's Domain Updates

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    Zophar's Domain Updates

    Am I still an admin? Page says permission denied .:unsure:
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    PS4 Emulator In The Works: RPCS4, By RPCS3 Original Founder

    DH, the founder of RPCS3 (PS3 Emulator), has shared an update on a PS4 Emulator he's been working on, named RPCS4. Very little detail is available on the work in progress, but the RPCS3 team has shared the information through reddit today, with a short video showcasing graphics rendering...
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    Spine PS4 Emulator v.20210901 (PS4 Emulator For Linux)

    Scene veteran Zecoxao has shared (with permission from spinedev) a fresh update to the PS4 Emulator for Linux, Spine. This is a new build dated September 1st, which increases the number of playable games.
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