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    Best AGP video card?

    Yep, you read that right. I refuse to retire my monster of a dual xeon p4 system (sup icenine0, dual xeon buddy ;D), as it does everything I need to do except maintain a constant 60FPS in World of Warcraft with nice-looking settings. Tell me about AGP video cards. What's the latest and...
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    New job.

    Yesterday, I started full-time work at an "IT Recycling" company. They basically buy huge lots of old computer shit from other companies, then turn around and resell it for a profit, either on eBay or otherwise. Today, I spent the day parting out old 2U P3 servers. I'm having a lot of fun...
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    Getting married and moving to Houston.

    Yeah, I know. I don't post Diaries posts often. Tomorrow, I'm getting married to the guy I've been dating for about the last two years. At the end of July we're moving to Houston, where Jeremy (said guy) is going to be starting his new job. I probably won't have a problem getting a job down...
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    Amazon's Mechanical Turk

    <a href=></a> I've made $17 off of this so far (it's sitting in my Amazon gift certificate balance, but you can also initiate direct deposits into your bank account) It's basically a "we can't possibly automate this. We need human eyes, and we're...
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    FFXII Demo PSF2s

    (x-posted from LJ) It's funny... I went to EB after work today to pick up my copy of DragonQuest VIII. I also grabbed Mario Kart DS and Magna Carta. The first thing I did when I got home was to pop the FFXII demo into my computer to explore it. Holy shit, it uses a very similar, if not the...
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    Heatsink compound in processor socket... -_- any hope?

    Hi. Before we embark on what might be a pointless journey, I'm interested in impressions from anyone who may have had a similar issue. My boyfriend recently obtained a barebones P4 system. It looks great, other than that 9-10 of the pin holes in the CPU ZIF socket are covered with thermal...
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    Got a call this morning confirming that a place in town has the UHaul truck we reserved... I'm determined to help as much as I can to make the "biggest move ever" go without a hitch. Official new house stuff starts around 7:30 tomorrow, when we pick up the keys. UHaul place opens at 9, so...
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    Happy Birthday, hcs :D

    I'd do the Conga Rats thing, but that's not my thing to do, so here's a nice quiet little happy birthday. :) Thank you for your contributions to the N64 music ripping scene, and I hope you have a great day. :) -=Amber
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    IPaq 2215 PocketPC (+extras) for sale!

    PocketPC HP IPaq 2215 Contains all stuff that was in the retail box (including the retail box), plus the following extras: - 1 SDIO SanDisk Connect(tm) Wi-Fi Card (p/n: SDWSDB-000) - 1 256MB SanDisk CompactFlash card - 1 Belkin basic foldy case - the velcro that comes with it is attached to...
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    1800 square feet of dooooom!

    Swampgas asked me where I'm moving... and I realized I haven't posted in here yet. I think I decided to rope myself into a 1 year lease as to obliterate the idea of moving out to California... which would be incredibly stupid right now because Jeremy's about to graduate, and because I have no...
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    Audigy's moving sale, post #1: please take this laptop.

    Laptop sold. Thanks for looking. :)<P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by Audigy on 09/03/05 10:11 PM.</FONT></P>
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    teh botzor

    anyone reading this who is running windows 2000 should probably get the latest patches from microsoft. google for zotob for other...
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    backroom favicon.ico

    am I alone in experiencing this phenomenon? the Backroom is the only board this seems to happen on. IE latest version (shut up, I use firefox at home for most things) anyone? *brain fizzles*<P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by Audigy on 08/16/05 10:51 AM.</FONT></P>
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    It's that time of year again...

    ...where Audigy is so fed up with the asshattery of workmates that the decision to move to California to work is once again in the forefront, and actually possible this time. Two SQA guys left in the last few weeks, and they're really hurting for the headcount (SQA = software quality assurance)...
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    FFX/X-2 model viewer

    <a href=>Yaz0r's latest nifty project</a> Here are some screencaps I made from it: monster - Aaagh, don't eat me! *cowers*</a> Yuna - I never really noticed the flowers</a>...
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