View Full Version : bsnes v0.037

10-26-2008, 02:39 PM
A new version of this SNES emulator is available.


added mouse support to DirectInput and SDL input drivers
up to 96 buttons per controller; 8 buttons per mouse (5 per mouse on Linux) can be mapped now
added SNES mouse support (does not support speed setting yet)
added Super Scope support
added Justifier support (supports both Justifiers)
input management system almost completely rewritten to support new controllers
"Load Special" menu removed, all cart loading merged to "Load Cartridge ..." option
replaced "Power Cycle" and "Unload Cartridge" with "Power" -> "On" / "Off"
when video exceeds screen size and is scaled down, aspect ratio is now maintained [Ver Greeneyes]
zlib modified to support non-ANSI characters
cheat code count was limited to 1,024 codes before; it now supports unlimited codes per game
added sort by description setting for cheat code list
polished listbox control interaction (disable buttons when nothing selected, etc)
cleaned up OBC-1 chip emulation (code is functionally identical to v036)
added option to toggle fullscreen mode to settings menu
added advanced mode options to toggle base unit (none, Satellaview) and system region (Auto-detect, NTSC, PAL)

You can download the Windows binary or the source code here (http://www.zophar.net/snes/bsnes.html) or at the author's website (http://byuu.cinnamonpirate.com/bsnes/).