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09-17-2008, 10:05 PM
Our member staticmem (http://www.zophar.net/forums/member.php?u=6501) has informed us that this Microbee Emulator for Windows, FreeBSD and Linux has been updated.

New for this release:

SDL video rendering has seen some major changes, SW and HW video surfaces are now supported along with 8, 8gs (grey scale), 16 and 32 bits per pixel modes.
Added --video-type option to select SW and HW video rendering modes.
Added --video-depth option to select the colour depth.
Added --mouse-wheel option to associate actions for wheel scroll events. The default action controls the volume level.
Added --lockfix-win32 and --lockfix-x11 options. These allow the LOCK key work around code to be enabled or disabled for Win32 and x11 systems. (see changes below)
Added mapping of joystick buttons to commands. Allows the joystick to pause emulation, switch full screen mode, etc. Used in the games.ini.sample file.
Added --js-clist option to list the commands available for mapping to a joystick.
Added --lcons option to set the list start point for --lcon and --lconw.
Added uBee512 API functions to access arrays of strings set with --file-list and --file-list-q options.
Added --gui-persist option to set persist times in milliseconds for values that appear on the status line.
Added EMUKEY+UP and EMUKEY+DOWN volume control hot keys with the volume level displayed on the status line as a persist value '[vol nn%]'
Added EMUKEY+P emulator pause hot key toggle and status display '[PAUSED]' when the emulator is paused.
Added command repeat for EMUKEY and joystick activated commands when keys and buttons are held down.
Added --cmd-repeat1 and --cmd-repeat2 options to set command repeat delays for EMUKEY and joystick activated commands.
Added emulation of the RTC_A_UIP bit and implemented the Periodical interrupt for all 16 divider rates to the RTC module.
Added display of '[DEBUG]' to status line when emulator is in debug mode.
Added +vol argument parameter to --status options to always display.


The existing LOCK key fix code is now able to be enabled or disabled for Win32 and x11 systems. The Win32 defaults to enabled (as before). x11 now defaults to disabled. It appears as if x11 is set up differently between implementations for how the LOCK key should return the status value. If the lock key no longer operates as expected under x11 then try enabling the old work around code with --lockfix-x11=on.
Standard colour model PROM (IC 7) values are now used.
Changed the default colour monitor type to RGBrgb for standard colour.
More host CPU time saved that should further improve sound quality.
Writing to video memory now checks if the current and new values are different, no rewriting of the same data results in reduced host CPU time.
Reduced overhead time for Alpha+ models when flashing video attributes are not enabled.
Linux default frame rate changed to 50 FPS. Performance is very good.
Modified --file-list and --file-list-q options to allow repeated use to build up an array of file strings for CP/M application use.
New version of UBSCRIPT.COM (v1.1.0) takes advantage of the modified --file-list options. This now allows ample capability to upload all the required files for a CP/M application.
New version of HOST2CPM.COM (v1.2.0) copies files to the host system using lower case file names. Upper case can be forced by appending a '-U' switch.
Added joystick settings to all games in games.ini.sample where practical and made changes to the documentation, revised and fixed many of the game entries using the improved --files-list option.
Changed --snd-volume, --vol to now take a percentage integer value. Default is now set to 15%.
Changes to icon BMP format to allow RGB and RGBA pixel data.
Improvements made to the RTC emulation module.
Changed --js-kset option to now also be the current joystick key set.
Debug stepping now has reduced host CPU time when not doing anything.
Removed the 'use_audio' conditional compilation. Is always built in now.


Standard BG colour intensity was not updating after a write to the colour port in vdu_colcont_w() function.
Fixed --col-type option to set the colour type only if emulating a non-alpha+ model.
Fixed standard colour bit order for background colours to convert from RGBrgb to BGRbgr order.
rtc_poll() was not being called in pio_polling() function unless modelx.piob7 == MODPB7_RTC. The RTC is now polled if RTC emulation is enabled so that the RTC registers are kept updated.
New version of UBSCRIPT.COM fixes a key issue in MW BASIC when starting a MWB program from the command line. This was making BASIC programs not return the correct result on the first key check and causing help screens, etc. to be skipped. (This appears to be a bug in MW BASIC)

You can download it here (http://www.zophar.net/mb128k/ubee.html) or at the project webpage (https://sourceforge.net/projects/ubee512/).

Thanks to staticmem (http://www.zophar.net/forums/member.php?u=6501) for the news.