View Full Version : Nostalgia 5.0

08-02-2008, 03:07 PM
Nostalgia, the intellivision emulator was updated with version 5.0.

Completely new video system - changed from DirectDraw to Direct3d to be compatible with more video cards.
Completely new front end with better functionality.
Completely new input system.
Greatly sped up scanning ROM folders.
Changed the display FrameSkip to greatly smooth out the frame skipping and allows an adaptive frakeskip model.
Screenshots now take a proper picture of the game screen, including the border.
Screenshots are now available in BMP, JPG or PNG formats.
Audio now plays while minimized or in the background so you can use it as a retro jukebox!
Sped up the beginning of the game display so you're not looking at a blank window for too long.
Updated the database system making it FAR more resistant to errors and corrupted databases. It also handles new database versions much better.
ECS keyboard now works more reliably.
You can now see and edit game configurations right in the GUI.
Games can now be assigned a category for custom sorting.
Game key help is now available in-game. is the default.
Fixed a bug in video emulation that prevented the 1 & 9 key pause combination from working properly.

Download here (http://www.zophar.net//ivision/nostalgia.html).