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07-22-2008, 10:21 PM
Well hello there. I'm here to make another guide, this one based on playing SNES online. Now, if any of you were here quite awhile ago, you will know I made a tutorial for a program that lets you play SNES online. This one is different, and I'll explain why near the end. I'm going to make this very easy, and put it in a few steps.

1. Download the Classic Gaming Arena Client (http://www.god-weapon.com/downloads/CGA_v0.352.rar)

2. Register on the Forums (http://www.god-weapon.com/forum/). This will be your account for the client. Remember your username + password.

3. Extract the client you just downloaded.

4. Run "registerfiles.bat"

5. Load up cga.exe.

6. Set it up, it is quite self explanitory.

Hey. I did that in 6 steps, not bad. Now, as mentioned above, I'll give you a few benefits to using this program.

The Benefits

-Supports SNES Online: 2 Players [ZSNES]
-Supports NES Online: 2 Players [Virtual NES]
-Supports Genesis/SegaCD/Gamegear/Mastersystem. [Kegafusion]
-Has active admins [If someone is very annoying, they get kicked/banned.]
-Has a chat room built in.
-Is Peer 2 Peer [Like ZBattle, but supports the above systems. This also means no lag.]

And that's what it supports right now. If you don't like what you are hearing - go check out my guide to ZBattle (http://www.smwcentral.net/?p=thread&id=30).

Additional Tools

Since I have mentioned that CGA supports more then a few emulators, I'll post the emulators that it supports. These are direct download links.

ZSNES 1.42 (http://www.god-weapon.com/downloads/zsnes_1.42.rar) [SNES]

ZSNES 1.36 (http://www.god-weapon.com/downloads/zsnes_1.36.rar) [SNES]

ZSNES 1.337 (http://www.god-weapon.com/downloads/zsnes_1.337.rar) [SNES]

Virtual NES 0.97 (http://www.god-weapon.com/downloads/virtuanes097.rar) [NES]

Kega Fusion 3.51 (http://www.god-weapon.com/downloads/Fusion351.rar) [Genesis/SegaCD/Gamegear/Mastersystem]

Additional Info

This is where you come if you are having some problems doing things. Like any other program in the world, they require you to forward ports for it to work. Here are the following ports required to work:

7845 UDP & TCP [To Play ZSNES & NES]

7157 TCP [To Download From Other Players]

5394 UDP [KegaFusion]