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Lobster Cowboy
02-02-2003, 01:08 AM
well, tonight's the night. i promised myself a week ago that i'd ask this girl i know out this evening. suffice it to say, i'm a ball of nerves. normally, i'm pretty confident around women, but not so in this case. i guess it's because, at the risk of sounding like a love-lorn gradeschooler, i really frickin' like this girl.

the reason i'm posting this is so i don't weasel out at the last minute. by announcing my intent, i get the ZD community to hold me accountable if i don't live up to the post.

i head over in one hour.


no matter the outcome, i'll post what happened.

more to come. hopefully i'll have good news to report.

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02-02-2003, 01:35 AM
Good luck Lobster man. <img src=smilies/biggthumpup.gif>

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Lobster Cowboy
02-02-2003, 02:42 AM
she wasn't there tonight....

guess i'll have to do it during the week, if i can get there :(

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02-02-2003, 03:03 AM
Do it soon then.

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