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03-16-2005, 06:01 AM
Something similar to the FFBytes documentation for FF1. I'm thinking about doing a hack of FF3j hack which implimented a higher order Red Wizard... like how the Warlock is a higher order black wizard. I imagine it would be pretty easy if I cannibalized one of the less poplar classes like Bard or Geomancer, and its respective weaposn to make more Red Wizard Swords.

Or can someone tell me off the bat the the data is more complicated than that and unreasonable for a casual hacker to accomplish.

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03-16-2005, 09:40 AM
yah, a fair amount actually. Not to the degree of FF1 documentation, but as far as any other game goes, a fair amount.

I was working on a map editor eons ago, but like most of my projects, it kept getting pushed back more and more until... *poof*. It disappeared.

sqpat i know found some of the data..ummm..Tony Hedstrom of GG code finding fame had some data if i'm remembering correctly.. and those are the only names i can really associate with that game right now. I don't have a copy of the data anymore (because retards like me don't mix well with hdd's) but i'm sure i can find it on a disk somewhere if someone else isn't able to provide it here.

in the meantime.. the only part of my ff3j endeavors i did finish/release was a very basic and boring http://www.zophar.net/utilities/download/FF3jee.rarenemy editor</a>

edit: oh yah, i forgot..i don't really know how to say this but.. it requires VB runtime files. I'm sorry, i was young and stupid. JC please forgive me smilies/cry.gif<center>From my bed I watch TV, Drunk by noon but that's okay, I'll be president someday

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03-16-2005, 10:28 AM
I'm pretty sure that I'll be cannibalizing the Bard, M.Knight or the Warlock for this. I'd prefer to oust the bard, but that might not be reasonable since he can't use magic, thus there may be no information on his MP progression and what spells he can learn. What I might be able to get away with, however is to convert the Mystic Knight into the characer I want to design, then turn the bard into a magicless M.knight. If neither of those options is available then Warlock would probablty be easiest. I think warlock is a pointless class anyways, since you get him at the same time as summoner... and higher call magic is so much better than black magic.

Anyways... what I really need to know:

How/where is Stat and MP progression stored?
How/Where is equipment/equipable data stored?
How/Where are usable magic stored?
What is the data for some shops/chests so I can plant the new gear I want to create accordingly?
How/Where is the classes you aquire determined?

The end goal for this character:

1) Stronger than red mage, weaker than Knight or M.Knight physically. Maybe on par with thief for damage output. Tihs may end up meaning he's like a red mage with more agility (for more hits)
2) Comparable magic strength to black wizard and white wizard, maybe a little weaker.
3) Have conjurer level summons.

He should be a character whose verstility shines through so well that he is a contender for the final party, rather than just ninjas and sages, yet he doesn't excell so well in any one area that he's THE definitive character to have.

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03-17-2005, 01:13 AM
Other than Savestate and Savegame hacking notes from various people, all I have for the ROM itself is this info from YDienyddiwrDa.
Character Data... sorry this doesn't say more, I'm pasting all these from my own personal notes. But this one shouldn't be too hard to figure out. I'm pretty sure another fellow had already figured out quite a bit more about FF3j anyway.

88-00-05-05-05-05-05-00 OnionKid
79-00-0A-0A-05-02-03-00 Fighter
77-00-0A-0A-07-01-02-00 Monk
99-00-05-06-04-05-0A-01 White Wizard
97-00-05-07-03-0A-05-01 Black Wizard
8A-00-06-07-05-06-06-02 Red Wizard
7B-09-05-14-05-05-05-03 Archer
8C-09-0A-0A-0A-03-07-00 Knight
75-09-0A-0F-09-05-01-00 Thief
AA-09-0A-0A-01-0F-04-00 Scholar
A4-0E-0A-0A-0A-14-05-00 Geomancer
5B-0E-14-0A-0A-05-0A-00 Dragoon
55-0E-0F-0A-14-05-05-00 Viking
28-0E-17-0A-14-01-01-00 Master
82-0E-14-14-0A-02-03-03 Paladin
D8-0E-0A-0A-05-0F-0F-04 Conjurer
BB-0E-05-0F-0F-0A-0A-00 Bard
C4-1D-0A-0F-0A-1E-05-05 Warlock
CC-1D-0F-0A-0F-05-19-06 Shaman
F0-1D-14-0F-05-0F-0F-07 Summoner
FF-27-0F-14-0F-19-19-08 Ninja
00-27-19-19-14-0F-0F-09 Sage

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03-17-2005, 03:50 AM
Thanks... I've dinked aroudn a little with this and it seems pretty trivial.

Byte 1 affects CP used to change job class.
Byte 2 looks like it defines which crystal the jobs come from.... but it doesn't.
Bytes 3-7 are the starting stats for each class... but this has no effect on stat gain.
Byte 8 Is some sort of MP factor. It affects the number of level 1 spell charges that a character gets, but it's an indirect correlation... all i''ve been able to do is switch around the red mage vs. the white/black mage initial values. And you can't give spell charges to classes that can't use magic.

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03-17-2005, 07:39 AM
> And you can't give spell charges to classes that can't use
> magic.

If you can find the part of the ROM itself where spell charges are determined in the first place you can likely give them spell charges there, as they're most likely just 0'ed out...

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03-17-2005, 10:00 PM
Okay, so I'm messing around with white mage mp gain.

I've found that the 4th character's max Level 1 MP is stored at 61F1. Using FCE's debug utility, I did a breakpoint writing to 61F1 when he gained a level (and thus aquired an additional charge). This led me to a location in the RAM with a string
91 57 c8 c8 ca ca d0 eb, which I was able to find in the ROM itself. No bloody idea where to go from here.

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03-17-2005, 10:34 PM
Umm... looks like I typoed that last comment...

The string
91 57 c8 c8 ca ca d0 eb
Should be
91 57 c8 c8 ca d0 eb

This is the same string that is pulled when red mage gains a level as well.

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