View Full Version : Super Pinball 2 SNES Update

09-09-2017, 10:44 AM
Hello there! I haven't regularly done this since 2013, but thanks to your lovely little Discord invitation, I decided to see what was going on here, since I haven't visited in years.

I just noticed that my soundtrack rip (and yes, I can clearly tell from the tracknames, because those were taken from raw filenames) was uploaded here in an incompletely identified form some time ago (as shown on https://www.zophar.net/music/nintendo-snes-spc/super-pinball-ii-the-amazing-odyssey). I have completed identification of all of the tracks quite some time ago back in 2016, so I can provide an update on those.

Here are my new track identifications...
Space Sister ~ (Number 0) -> Space Sister ~ Black Hole
Space Sister ~ (Number 1) -> Space Sister ~ Love Stops
The Spy Eyes ~ (Number 0a) -> The Spy Eyes ~ Hole In Trap
The Spy Eyes ~ (Number 1a) -> The Spy Eyes ~ Sniper's Shot
Show Time ~ (Number 2a) -> Show Time ~ Pie Fight
Show Time ~ (Number 3a) -> Show Time ~ Love Attack

Also, I modified these on my tracklist (this is because I determined their most common usage)...
Space Sister ~ Become The Galaxy Queen -> Space Sister ~ Multiball
The Spy Eyes ~ Take It Back -> The Spy Eyes ~ Multiball
Show Time ~ Love Me -> Show Time ~ Multiball

And here's my tracklist, complete (the rips were already complete, this is just my final prerelease version). These are not tagged, but not counting that caveat, it's complete.